This thread is for listing books or essays you intend to read or would like to recommend to other members of the forum.  Separate threads can be started to discuss any particular book or essay in detail; this thread is just a resource page.

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Secretion? Interesting choice of words. It sounds like the secretions one makes when invoking God during intercourse. Only in this case instead of "oh god!" atheists probably scream "no god!" at the penultimate moments.

Haha, what an image, theurj.

One other book that came across my news feed today:  Buddhist Biology.

A book possibly in the same vein as Cameron Freeman's work:  Preaching Deconstruction, by Robert M. Price.

He also has a recent podcast/interview on Christ and Cthulhu.

I would be interested in hearing more about the Griffin book.

Here are the books I read in 2014 that were most meaningful to me:

Environment, Power, and Society for the 21st Century, by Howard T. Odum (and Mark Brown who finished updating this 1971 classic after his passing).

The Source of Human Good, by Henry Nelson Wieman.

Religion and Radical Empiricism, by Nancy Frankenberry

Rethinking the World, by Peter Pogany

My current list is:

Waking, Dreaming, Being by Evan Thompson

Onto-Cartography by Levi Bryant

Waking Up by Sam Harris

The Real Wealth of Nations by Riane Eisler

Plus I keep the following forefront in my ITP:

Some very interesting-looking books - the list will never end!  So, your ITP motto is one I'll need to keep at the forefront, too. (Though the reason I have to read multiple books at once, and that I'm taking so long to finish any of them, is that other daily life-stuff demands the bulk of my time; reading is a kind of luxury).

I'm currently reading the following simultaneously:

Waking, Dreaming, Being, by Evan Thompson

Waking Up, by Sam Harris

Anatheism, by Richard Kearney

The Cloud of the Impossible, by Catherine Keller

The first and second books form a nice complement to each other, as do the third and fourth books.

I also am still slowly making my way through You Must Change Your Life, by Sloterdijk, and An Inquiry into Modes of Being, by Latour.


If you ever want to share summaries, or a review of the top 4 books in your stack, I would be very interested!  I like the tangibleness of the photo, plus it saves time in having to type it all out.  I'm going to try the same...


I'm reading the Eisler book too! Well, I haven't gotten past the table of contents yet, but it's in my stack. 

I think the reason the fellow in your cartoon looks so forlorn, is that he hasn't yet gotten beyond Plato, Kant, Wittgenstein, and the others on his shelf.  He might perk up a bit if he gets Bergson, James, Pierce, Dewey, Whitehead, Wieman and a few other more current names into the mix! :-)

Oh, I forgot to add The Ever Present Origin by Jean Gebser, and The Evolution of Consciousness as a Planetary Imperative: An Integration of Integral Views by Jennifer Gidley.

I need to add these three books by political theorist, Fred Dallmayr (whom I first encountered through his reviews and summaries of Raimon Panikkar's work):

Integral Pluralism

Being in the World

Dialogue among Civilizations

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