Aronofsky has a new pic out. I know that some folks in this community are a fan of his work so up this post goes. I am going to use this post, if nobody objects too strongly, to write all i know about that story. It's something i spent a lot of time investigating and i've never really talked about it. First, let me say for those of you who don't know me that i don't identify myself as a Christian and haven't for over 30 years. I was raised secularly and couldn't really tell you what a church was when i was sixteen, let alone wonder about god. I think though, as far as i can remember, that i've always had this strange feeling that something was very much wrong on this planet, and that , that feeling goes right back to childhood. Now, to be fair, there was a brief period of time in my early 20's when i did identify with evangelical Christianity, but a year or so after sensing the corruption within that institution, i became what i now call an independent. I am still this way today; spiritually and politically.

Please be aware that very little that i post here will be from my imagination directly, most everything will come from the history of human literature on this mythology. Now i'm quite sure i hear Julian's voice in the noosphere saying, ' Andrew, this is just silly," well, perhaps, but this has been a part of my path, Aronofsky choose this subject matter, and without seeing the film, i can reasonable guess that it will not reflect what is said in these books. 

It should be noted, that at the time Jesus lived, The Book of Enoch was  part of the religious canon. Most people within that community believed strongly in those stories as far as my study of history shows, and that Jesus quoted from these stories a number of times, mentioning that his return would be surrounded by events that were just like what happened in those days. I'll certainly return to this later. 

Now, i am not really interested in challenging histories orthodoxy on humanities past .That is not what this is about, but what i do think is somewhat possible though, is the idea that prior to the development of the written word, history gets a little bit murkier. By saying this, i am not suggesting there was a global flood, i am just suggesting that things are a little more unsure the farther back one goes from the written word. Obviously, this premise would be throughly attacked by historic fundamentalists; i don't care!

Okay, i am going to stop here for now, so The Book of Enoch and the story of god and angels! lol The first place to start on these myths………….

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Muy, muy lovely, LP.


Got to love monied republicans:

This one was one of my faves growing up: saw him 3 times live!

Hey folks,

for the time that i've been a member of this site i've tried to be mindful and respectful of the parameters herein. I think i have a reasonable understanding of post-moderism, post-metaphysics, and the projects involved in such endeavours. I did ask in advance prior to posting this thread for permission to breach some perimeters here. I think i understand correctly that that request was granted.

In general, i have found integral theory to be eastern religious biased. In my opinion, all avenues of inquiry should be allowed to be laid on the table, so to speak. Like Frank, i have an aversion to censorship, and find censure amusing.

The things i've posted here are the result of a rather unique inquiry that my enneagram 4/5 personality foisted upon me. I don't talk about it much but saw an opportunity to get it off my chest with Aronofsky's Noah. That what i've written here gets filed under 'dismissed metaphysical speculations' because the referents and integral math don't add up is of no consequence to me. I appreciate, though, once again, your indulgence within this thread. Cheers!

Hi, Andrew, your reflections are welcome here.  I know you get what this forum is about and don't mind at all your wanting to step outside of the usual topics here to explore this topic. 

Cheers Bruce! I appreciate that. 

Another point on integral theories relationship to Christianity:

- it tends to either be dismissed as childish.

- or tends to have to be made to fit into an eastern meditative framework. Exp.,- we will engage with Christians to the extent that they learn to accept that Jesus was really teaching Advaita non duality.

I agree; that is a fair criticism of Wilber's treatment of Christianity, especially. 

I do not dismiss Christianity in toto andrew. I'm rather fond of the process Christians like Catherine Keller. And especially John Caputo. I've written reams on them both in the forum. And let's not forget Colbert, my favorite Catholic.

 Cheers man! 

I've got this weird notion that process theology comes from really intelligent people raised within a Christian family that go through 10 years of higher academia learning. David Ray Griffin is another one although he attached himself to one of the most controversial events in recent human history. 

Okay, then, i will keep going here conceding the sure surreal strangeness ( or silliness) of what i am posting along these lines. 

Ya know, since my 20's when i found out about the injunction about witchcraft, i've had to reflect on why god would have a problem with lovely long haired hippy type women practicing magic and trying to practise healing arts with natures wares. Women, who at the time i counted amongst my peers. It really never computed. BTW., American Horror, Coven, this year was pretty darn good on this theme. Anyway, somewhere along the way on this line of enquiry i came up with this one--that god has never had a problem with Wicca per se; but rather, had to issue an injunction to tribal people because some of the women who were corrupted by the fallen angels were taught things that should not have been taught to them. An explanation i've come up with to explain the two main streams of witchcraft. At the time of the injunction, it would have been pointless to try to explain to the tribes this particular distinction. Yes, for sure! I am totally friggin' wack

! lol

Aronofsky might like the idea that perhaps these ancient fables have some kind of unknown spiritual code woven into their fabric. Some kind of spiritual dna so to speak. We know it's a fact that over half the worlds population are still somehow moved by these stories even in the age of the hadron collider.People are going to see this movie. Even within non-western culture there are myriad flood myths and stories of the gods interacting with humans.

So, at this point i will stop for a moment and in the next short while summarize what kind of universe i've come to experience in my life.



I wouldn't place "god" or "Yahweh" into either the UL, nor in the right hand quadrants, but from a panpsychist perspective, see it from ALL the quadrants and zones.  Like I wrote the theurj on another thread, real things cannot be placed INTO categories, but possess ALL of the categories.  This is also the principle behind Derrida's deconstruction. In communication, we are constantly trying to suppress the other meanings of things in order to convey our intent.  Therefore in order to deconstruct God, we must examine God from all the zones and quadrants.


AQAL can be seen as one such tool for deconstruction, but there are much more powerful tools for this as well.


 Red Lion.

andrew said:

Thank-you for the link Joseph!


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