I know, there might be some controversy in putting her in this category. But I truly think she fits here and will make that case. I’ve already started in the commentary to her photo and video which I’ll copy-and-paste here. Also see our previous Gaia discussion at this link in Google docs. For me “spirituality” encompasses many things, including acceptance, love and liberation. I think she is about all three and more, and certainly in a postmodern context-media.


Also recall one of the most moving scenes from Avatar, when the tribe is gathering around the Mother Tree, singing-chanting, swaying-dancing, evoking imagery, invoking Goddess. I get this same feeling watching Gaga, the same deep connection to my primal roots, freeing me to sing and dance along, breaking the bonds of convention and being true to all my relations.


I want your ugly, I want your disease

I want your love

Love, love, love I want your love.

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Loved it. Funny. And not just a parody. The song, being about acceptance, highlighted accepting him for his wacky individuality on the streets of NYC. I appreciated when the spectators got into it with him, dancing with him, etc.

Haha, nice coincidence.  My wife and I were just watching (and laughing over) his cover of Wrecking Ball this morning...

Here's Weird Al's version.

She did a tv special last night with the Muppets. This song from her new CD is a bit different, with a rock and roll feel.

And this one the Muppets get in on the act.

In a way I think Gaga is a kind of metaphorical icon of the future human person: an assemblage of symbols and signs and temporalities. She draws together different musical genres, pop eras, and sexualities into a single, multi-faceted persona. Gaga is the individual of the 21st century, millennial generation; creatively, erotically combining the heap of postmodern icons and esoteric symbolism, yet, without a doubt, totally authentic, present-as-performance. That's my two cents anyway.

Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl was by far the best performance of the National Anthem ever. Not only was her virtuosity of voice impeccable, the emotional content brought tears to my eyes. It has reinvigorated my long-time love affair with her talent, which just keeps getting finer with age.

t, as you say. As I watch an online recording of the performance, I agree about virtuosity. Maybe I should feel some chagrin that I have never watched a full Lady Gaga song/performance and I, in crude stereotyping fashion, have felt some vague resistance to her as cultural icon/phenom. She did a marvelous professional job. One aspect that stood out for me was her self-(and-musical)-pacing and her related ease of breath support for such a demanding singing. Uhm, nice.

Yes, many stereotype her that way and never bother to actually give her work a good listen.

The above video was removed, try this one:

Good article on Gaga's Christianity. I worship at her altar.

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What paths lie ahead for religion and spirituality in the 21st Century? How might the insights of modernity and post-modernity impact and inform humanity's ancient wisdom traditions? How are we to enact, together, new spiritual visions – independently, or within our respective traditions – that can respond adequately to the challenges of our times?

This group is for anyone interested in exploring these questions and tracing out the horizons of an integral post-metaphysical spirituality.

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