Meta-Integral has just sent out the call for papers for the upcoming 2015 Integral Theory Conference.  The theme for the conference is Integral Impacts: Using Integrative Metatheories to Catalyze Effective Change.

See here for details.

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I'd started working on a paper already before receiving this announcement, but now this gives me added impetus to keep writing.  I'll comment later in more detail on the topic of the paper, but for now will just say I'm taking a few ideas I presented at the end of my recent Wilber/Bhaskar paper and am cooking up a stew that will also feature Morin, Ferrer, Sloterdijk, Panikkar, the Polydox crew, and some "iGPS" seasoning.

A reminder that the deadline for submissions is 8/30.  Here is the abstract for my proposal:

Integral In-Dwelling: A Prepositional Theology of Religions

Abstract:  The concept of generalized co-presence is a central one in the grammar of Roy Bhaskar’s metaRealist metaphysics.  As a term denoting the radical relationality, interpenetration, and/or mutual indwelling of beings in the cosmos, generalized co-presence finds analogues in the holographic principle of Edgar Morin’s Complex Thought, in Ken Wilber’s nondual inflection of holarchy, as well as in multiple religious archetypes of divine inter-independence (such as the Trinitarian perichoresis of Christianity, Indra’s Net in Hinduism and Buddhism, and so on).  In this paper, following on the initial proposals for kosmopolitan, multi-traditional approaches to integrative meta-theory first introduced by Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, myself, and others during the 2013 Integral Theory Conference, I will explore the potential of this concept for framing a “deep participatory,” Complex Integral Realist model of interreligious relationship that can amplify the integrative power and impactfulness of the metaRealist, Integral, and participatory approaches to this topic that have been articulated to date.  In addition to the work of the three integrative meta-theorists named above, I will draw on complementary and clarifying insights from multiple contemporary thinkers, including Jorge Ferrer, Raimon Panikkar, Peter Sloterdijk, and Catherine Keller, among others.  At the conclusion of the paper, I will briefly introduce a meta-theoretical approach to religious studies I call integral grammar theology, which expands upon Integral Theory’s pronoun model to provide a grammar-based typology of religious traditions, orientations, and soteriological aims.  I will then use this model to identify the approach I have proposed in this paper as one which turns in particular on the prepositional orientation implicit (and sometimes explicit) in many integrative meta-theories and post-pluralist theologies.

So how do you relate that to catalyzing effective change, the theme of the conference? It seems it will certainly catalyze change in our approach to integral theory, but will it change how religion is practiced? If traditional religions are encouraged to go popo that would certainly change their limiting metaphysics. On a related note, I wonder if the polydox crew, e.g., provide an attractor for the more traditional Christian churches if/when they want to 'grow up?'

I had already started working on the paper before learning the conference theme, so I wasn't starting out specifically with "impact" in mind.  Since I'm dealing mostly at the level of (meta)theory in this paper, and also because the approach I am recommending hasn't been put into play anywhere yet, I will not venture to say much about impact on the level of everyday religious practice.  The ideas in my paper obviously may not register at all or cause a single ripple!  Instead, I will focus mostly on the potential for IT (or, more broadly, integrative meta-theory) to impact religious studies and the theology of religions (both of which do influence religious leaders, interfaith activists, interspiritual or translineage practitioners, etc), and will present my model as one way to make inroads here.

As for the Polydox crew, I'm not sure how much impact they've made in mainstream Christian circles, but from reviews I've encountered so far, it appears Keller and Faber, among several others, are pretty well respected as theologians and social activists.  So, I hope their work will gain in recognition and influence in the broader community.  Meaning, even outside of the Christian fold...

So I get this letter saying "they" would like me to make a presentation -- but that at some future time they will tell me which of the submissions they would like me to present.  It also explains the discount I will receive upon sending in my registration.  However no word about the original amount?  The website leads me to believe they want to house me and feed me on a beautiful campus but again the actual cost appears elusive.  Anyone know?  My penniless hermit lifestyle may have to pull some acrobatics to pull this off.

I've tried to follow several links also and did not get to what looked like a current registration page for the ITC 2015, so I've written to one of the conference organizers to ask.

(Congrats, by the way!  My proposal was also accepted, so as long as you can do the requisite acrobatics ... maybe with a little help ... I will see you there.  And Red Lion Camosy will be joining us as well!  A regular integral postmetaphysical contingent...)

I was considering starting a facebook group for involved persons to pool data, plans, resources, schedules, etc.  Think it would be useful?

Yes, great idea.  I just heard back from one of the organizers and she said registration is not open yet but will be open soon -- possibly next week, definitely by the first of November.  I'm awaiting word on the registration fee. 

The fees for the 2015 ITC are not available yet but will be forthcoming pretty soon.  For the last conference, the fee was between 380 and 440 dollars, depending on when you registered (minus 100 dollars for presenters).  The fees may go up some for people who want on-campus housing included as well, but I understand there will also be a local homestay option that will be arranged for people who don't want to pay for on-campus housing.

Congrats Layman and Bruce and "Red Lion"! My proposal was also accepted, so I will hopefully see you all there! Maybe we can have an IPM meet-up.

Wonderful - congratulations, David!  Yes, it looks like an excellent chance for an IPM meet-up.  I understand theurj's ethical objections to these events, but still, that aside, theurj really should be there (and presenting) as well...

I appreciate the sentiment but honestly my interest in meta-theory wanes by the day. Although I'm very interested in applying integrality to socio-economics and politics I'm not at all interested in presenting on how that relates to meta-theory, integral or otherwise. My focus right now is on enacting such notions within current developments, and that often means reframing the ideas in terms utilized by those developments on the ground, which has little to do with meta-theory. I fully understand and support the meta-theory endeavor; someone's gotta do it. I'm just doing something else these days.

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