* FYI, theurjism is the term for my unique neologisms.

You may have noticed that I use a few terms that are not in the dictionary, that I've made up to get across a meaning that is also not in the dictionary. So let me clarify at least two of them for the moment. Kennilingus* is one such term. It is a take on the word “cunnilingus” with which you are already familiar. The “kenni” part refers to Ken Wilber, so it's a sort of play on one who licks Wilber. This of course is metaphorical, not meaning one who actually gives head to him, although that most certainly could be included, especially since his “suck my dick” comment to critics, which comment it seems acolytes take literally. It's more like those who unflinchingly accept his work verbatim without much, if any, criticism. We all know the type, who when speaking of “integral” will use the exact same language as Wilber, not only in content but often in the same style with the same prejudices. I also use it to refer to the source from when the language comes, to Wilber's own dogma. To make it more akin to fellatio I have another variation for the object of worship in kennilingus, Ken Wilber as Kennilingam. (See this for a definition of lingam, which includes penis but goes into its religious meanings as well, a fit symbol of the AQAL religion.)


To distinguish the alternative integral movement from kennilingus I use the term “intergraal.” “Inter” comes more from the interrelations of the elements of AQAL instead of their rigid distinctions. Granted the elements should be separated out to gain invaluable analysis and clarity. Nor should they be reduced to each other in some form a overarching, dominant and relativistic mush of equality. But neither should they be so distinct as to not see how they relate, for it is in the relationships that any sense of a whole emerges from which the parts participate. And said whole is not THE whole, just a particular whole relative to a particular focus in a particular context. And this doesn't have to be reduced to another form of relativism, since it can also accommodate qualitative distinction and make value judgments so to which wholes are better in which circumstances. Also said parts do not have to be entirely subsumed in any given whole, since they retain their own agency and participate in other wholes in other contexts.


The “graal” of intergraal is the Old French spelling of the term “grail.” We often associate grails with the Holy Grail, the cup that caught the blood of Christ on the cross, and which nectar is purported to induce in one communion with the divine. Hence from such cups in religious masses where wine is transubstantiated into the blood of Christ we are washed of our sins by partaking in this ritualistic cannibalism. But again metaphorically it symbolizes more that communion with the big Other. We can demythologize that other from some metaphysical divinity to a more humane other, to focusing more on humanity in the here and now in this world and in this context, in our present embodiment and interactivity with our environment and other human beings. It is a transforming and perhaps even transubstantiating conversion from our isolated agency to a balance with our human communion through the emerging next wave of development in P2P networks. Hence intergraal is in distinction from the typically more agentic, individualistic, authoritarian, capitalistic and intellectualized kennilingus.

* Aka AQALingus for those more sensitive snowflakes offended by kennilingus. They'll probably be offended by this more innocuous version too though.

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Word of the day is gapeseed: noun

1. British Dialect. a person who gapes or stares in wonder, especially a rustic or unworldly person who is easily awed.
2. British Dialect. a daydream or reverie.

Which reminds me of the gapeseeds that are awed by Wilber, especially those that due to lack of philosophical study or sophistication take Wilber's pronouncements as definitively authoritative. I've heretofore called the phenomenon kennilingus, with those so enraptured as kennilinguists. Playing off this new word though, in light of the delicate sensibilities of those so named, perhaps another name like vapeneed to indicate how one so afflicted has a dysfunctional need to have this model to contexualize Everything? Kenneed is another more indicative of this most paramount of needs. Although Kenseed works too, given one so afflicted must swallow Ken's seed, so to speak.

Hi t - and what evoked this connection today?

All of us (and some of us more than others) are subject to a form of cognition that might be characterized as "stupidly staring at" major features of reality.  This effect does not play favorites.  It is found as often among the higher levels as among the lower levels.

Sorry, just in a bad mood today.

I can relate, theurj. Sometimes for me moments of bad mood, or agitation where I find myself in the throws of my strongest judgments - my buttons are on alert, ready to be pushed.Etc :)

Your new words actually were interesting.

And btw, I'm glad for your emphasizing the work of Rifkin so much.


theurj said:

Sorry, just in a bad mood today.

Amen, LP.

I've been thinking this early AM a lot about our recent conversation on ILC, stimulated by the thread multiple universes, and noticing a similar recognition of how our deeply favorite impressions, beliefs, cognito-emotional patterns, and favorite fantasies can trump rationality or sound theory in a heartbeat. I have been working my way through and around those densities in myself. Sometimes I need to ask people to explain simple things or already learned theoretical bits because I want to integrate them even in regard to my thwarting, constant and intermittent fixations and densities. Stuff like that.

Layman Pascal said:

All of us (and some of us more than others) are subject to a form of cognition that might be characterized as "stupidly staring at" major features of reality.  This effect does not play favorites.  It is found as often among the higher levels as among the lower levels.

A new twist on kenosis.

hOOOlon: see this post. One who considers themselves an adherent of object oriented ontology, yet still maintains their own substantial opinions* and unique endo-structure.

* Including those on the nature of OOO itself.

I remember as a yute taking my new basketball to the playground. I put my initials on it in capital letters: EB. As we were warming up, shooting around prior to starting a game this one not so bright kid, Dave Hutchinson, rebounded my ball and started laughing "EB," he said, "you can't even spell your name." The rest of us starting laughing at him for not realizing it was my initials. At that time Green Acres was a popular show, and Eb was one of its back-hills, ignorant but lovable characters. Henceforth my nickname at the playground was Eb.

The word of the day is bovarism, meaning an exaggerated, especially glamorized, estimate of oneself; conceit. Which reminds me of the evolutionary spirituality and superhuman OS crowd. The word comes from Madame Bovary, so perhaps we can call the evolutionary superhumans (like Nietzsche's overmen?) overism? Superbovarism? Evobovarism? Evorism? Superism? Bogartism? (Since they want to bogart the top spot on the evolutionary chain of being.) Superbogartism?

On Facebook David Miller asks: "Is there an end game relationship between evolutionary / increased complexity / developmental thinking and primal simplicity in integral theory?"

Answer: The superhuman operating system is 'simply' MEGAlomaniacal and METAlomaniacal. If only it were postMETAlomaniacal...

Word of the day is famulous:[fam-yuh-luhs] noun, plural famuli [fam-yuh-lahy] 

1. a servant or attendant, especially of a scholar or a magician.

It reinforces the theurjism kennilingus as a fawning and servile attendant and vomit verbatimer, but the plural should more correctly be kennilingi. Although kennilinguist(s) is still appropriate as well when referring to an individual or group so engaged.* Another, broader meaning of kennilingus is the practice of such by one or a group.** Context and mood rule which to use as needed.

* Jimbo is a kennilingus or kennilinguist; they are kennilinguists or kennilingi.

** All to them are engaged in kennilingus.

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