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A note on neologisms

* FYI, theurjism is the term for my unique neologisms. You may have noticed that I use a few terms that are not in the dictionary, that I'…

Started by Edward theurj Berge

178 May 21, 2018
Reply by Edward theurj Berge

Free e-books

Balder posted this about free Harvard Classics e-books in a status update and I thought I'd also put it here to find easier later on. And a…

Started by Edward theurj Berge

25 Jun 4, 2017
Reply by Edward theurj Berge

Constructivist Foundations

In my research I came upon a Journal by the above name at this link. It will be an invaluable resource in my postmetaphysical meanderings.…

Started by Edward theurj Berge

10 Mar 16, 2016
Reply by Ambo Suno

Types of Transcendence

I came across this recent blog post, originally entitled "The Varieties of Divine Transcendence," by David W. Congdon, and thought it might…

Started by Balder

1 Jun 14, 2015
Reply by Balder

Integral Spirituality

This is a place marker for a free copy of Wilber's book Integral Spirituality at Scribd (Integral Books, 2006). It's a photo-copied version…

Started by Edward theurj Berge

1 Jun 15, 2014
Reply by andrew

Washburn on the Psychodynamics of Meditation

  Meditation: The Royal Road to the Unconscious, by Michael Washburn.  (Google doc).   (I have used this chapter in one of my transpersonal…

Started by Balder

22 Jul 9, 2013
Reply by Edward theurj Berge


In reference to the area in which I was raised from the last post, here's a link to the region and its dialect. The following short video g…

Started by Edward theurj Berge

2 Jul 12, 2012
Reply by Edward theurj Berge

Integrity Resources

Michael Dowd, whom I've discussed here before and who gave a presentation at the recent Integral Spiritual Experience conference, has poste…

Started by Balder

2 Jan 30, 2012
Reply by Balder

A Periodic Table of Religions & Spiritualities

In my ongoing research and work on Integral inter-religious studies, I came across the following article, which looks like a good resource…

Started by Balder

0 Nov 11, 2011

Participatory Worldviews

  I will post here, when I have the time (and also as I come across them), links to various resources which explore the principles and cont…

Started by Balder

1 Jul 28, 2011
Reply by Balder


What paths lie ahead for religion and spirituality in the 21st Century? How might the insights of modernity and post-modernity impact and inform humanity's ancient wisdom traditions? How are we to enact, together, new spiritual visions – independently, or within our respective traditions – that can respond adequately to the challenges of our times?

This group is for anyone interested in exploring these questions and tracing out the horizons of an integral post-metaphysical spirituality.

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