This book looks worth checking out, especially given Kripal's academic street cred.  I've never been convinced Strieber is not "pulling a Castaneda" with his Communion books, but I nevertheless feel a personal connection or resonance with important parts of his account.  Shortly after I had one of the most powerful visionary / initiatory experiences of my life, I happened to pick up Communion as a fun "airport read" while on a trip somewhere and was struck by strong parallels between Strieber's story and what I had just undergone.  I wrote him a letter about this and his response was professional and non-committal, but he did close with, "there may be more to your 'dream' than you currently imagine."  I'm curious about what the "more" might be as explored in this book.

The Super Natural, by Whitley Strieber and Jeffrey J, Kripal

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I'm curious too, but Streiber has always been too woo woo for me. Kripal though does bring some attraction, especially the blurb: "Why the paranormal is real, but radically different from what is conventionally understood."

On a similar note, a new episode of the 6-part X-Files is on tonight. So far Mulder has been disillusioned about his heretofore belief in ETs and now sees the paranormal as "radically different from what is conventionally understood."

Yeah, I agree - Strieber has always been a bit too heavily into New Age and conspiracy circles for me to take him too seriously ... and, like I said, it has seemed likely to me that he is attempting to invent a new, literary spirituality in the tradition of Castaneda or Lynn Andrews or others. But there's a possibility that he's really faithfully reporting things he's experienced, or really believes he's experienced.  In any event, I'm interested to hear Kripal's take on him (and on this phenomenon in general).

Better the Super Natural than the Super Bowl. 

Is the new X-Files worth watching?  I heard a rather poor review on NPR...

I've enjoyed the first couple episodes so far.

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