This morning, doing research on another topic, I came across the following interesting-looking essay -- a critique of the conveyor belt metaphor in Wilber's and others' work, using L&J's work among others.

Misuse of the Potential of the Conveyor Metaphor, by Anthony Judge

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Doctors sometimes proscribe "fake boat" exercises for people with weak bones and joints. One stands on a board atop a rolling pin, etc. so that instability is generated. It turns out that the muscular efforts to correct for constant tipping send signals to the bones telling them to become more sturdy.

What is interesting here, and in your (very sensible-sounding, to my yogic ear) new exercise is that there is a voluntary and intentional-rational accommodation of a dissonant state. The difficulty facing MOM economy (capitalism, etc.) is how to bring it into the right relationship to its existing dissonance. Instability can easily lead to destruction or perpetuation of a system-pattern. Something very specific has to happen in order to begin catalyzing unstable conditions beyond the real of "band-aids".

Thanks for the rolling pin exercise. I'm going to try it.

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