In our old Gaia forum I had a series called Daily Tarot Card Meditation Game. The idea was to choose a card for viewing and then for participants to freely associate anything that came up for them, anything at all. It could be related to the traditional meanings of the card or not. It was more an exercise in free-form meditation, of improvising a meaning on the spot as it bubbles up from our subconscious, creative wellspring. It was a fun, playful, shared activity and I'd like to reinvigorate it here. I won't post a card daily again but only when the muse strikes me. Anyone else though is free to post one with or without  their comments any time they wish. And since this is a creative activity I'll post it in this forum. Let the shared art begin!


Play with this:


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The Pages as a generality seem to be either effeminate men or young women playing a boy, as in Shakespearean plays. This could refer to those in pre-puberty who are still perhaps more hermaphroditic, at least before their hormones kick in strongly to decide the matter. In either case, it suggests that "space in between" masculine and feminine, the khora. As we can see he is standing in a desert and khora has been likened to a desert place. The Page today reminds me of one of those effeminate young boys that have taken to the arts, especially theater. His garb suggest his prissy sense of style, the scarf particularly. It is as if he is looking above for inspiration to play his air guitar. His left hand is fingering the frets while his right strums. This is the imaginative bastard "reasoning" needed to apprehend and enact the matrix seed of form.
Seems the ning formatting left the Page of Wands on the previous page and my commentary on this page. The image above if from the first post, which copies to each subsequent page. I'll copy the Page below.

I have not read the text. Are his practice instructions "traditional?" If so you know what I think about old wineskins enacting old wine, despite the best of intentions or recontextualizations.

Tarot Card Meditation Game

I take your point. This "game" though is not for traditional uses or interpretation of the images but rather for one to freely associate. Granted the images themselves were created within a tradition that is most assuredly metaphysical. I went back to that tradition last year in the hopes that I could recontextualize it while still participating in the traditional rituals and decided it was pointless. I'm not as sure though about doing so with the tarot images themselves, since they are much more generalized into our "western" psyche's lifeworld background and just maybe might be more amenable to postmetaphysical manipulation. But maybe not; they too might just be old wineskins.
During Christmas dinner mom got so pissed at dad, again, that she started throwing her lightening barbs at him with such force dad blew his top. His resultant explosion drove us kids to dive for cover. I just love the holidays and family get togethers...
Hahaha, so far we have avoided any major storms or dust ups....  But there have been a few thunder rumbles!

The Holy Spirit herself descends to put the communion wafer into the open mouth of the passive supplicant, while the left hand of God (could it be, Satan?*) cups his baser instincts. Such influx and stimulation cause an overflow of love juice to fertilize the emotive imagination, from which blossoms the lotus/soul.

* Said with the inflection of the "church lady" from SNL.

A peon contributes his tithe to the church collection plate, which for the most part enpowers its bureaucratic power structure hidden in the "cloud," while meager leftovers trickle back down to support the needy. Consequently, due to not enough to go around below, the peons are led to believe it is one class of them who caused the shortage of funds, thus pitting them against each other while the riches remain hidden from sight in the hands of the powerful manipulators.

Even though it's hard to tell given the color, that is a waterway he overlooks from his hilltop perch, ships sailing through it. He missed the boat. He has turned his back on his job, family and responsibilities, at least for this moment, to dream about what it would be like to sail away into an entirely new life. To see new lands, new people, taste different food, hear other languages. But the upright posts that keep him tethered to this verdant spot, representing his wife, job and kid, provide the secure foundation that keeps him balanced and prosperous. One never knows what disaster could happen if he boarded one of those ships, perhaps a slave ship, instead of a mysterious adventure. Perhaps this is why the water is dirty instead of blue? Better just to dream on occasion and go back to work on Monday.

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