What? There's only one discussion going on in the Pub?

That's definitely not enough. Barman! Another drink for me and the boys!

In the meantime I'll choose a song from the Jukebox:


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Yes, I'm pretty impressed by the transformation Korean popular music has undergone.  It was somewhat weakly imitative of Western pop music when I was there, with a few stand-outs of originality and talent, but now much of it rivals and even surpasses the slickest popular productions in British or American pop.

Ah, I'm now guessing that the K in K-pop stands for Korean? I thought it stood for Kiddie pop, hence my adjective Asian. I was referring more to the pop coming out of that whole region, including Japan. Anyone have examples of Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian etc. kiddie pop?

The Japanese version is J-Pop. 

I also like me some down home American country music, emphasis on the some.

And Johnny Cash doing this Nine Inch Nails song:

YouTube has an A(sian)-Pop channel here. It has weekly top 20 in from the various countries.

This is apparently the latest J-pop line dance craze.

Some different flavors of J-Pop

J-witchy psychedelica

And (cover your ears) J-grindcore

Fireworks, filmed up close and at altitude from a drone.

I remember what you said that night
That you would love me for the rest of your life
We wrote forever with a pocketknife
But forever's goin' down tonight
I got my chainsaw

It's also great for 2-stepping. See the note at the end of the song if you're a tree hugger.

Kacy Catanzaro made history as the first woman to ever qualify for the final round in American Ninja Warrior. Here's her qualifying performance, all the more amazing since she's only 5 feet tall and many of the obstacles seem impossible for that height.

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