What? There's only one discussion going on in the Pub?

That's definitely not enough. Barman! Another drink for me and the boys!

In the meantime I'll choose a song from the Jukebox:


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Oh, my!
My, my, my!
That is a specific shadow-bender.
Me Oh My!

Balder said:

What did I just watch?? 

Very funny. And educational, I guess.

Balder said:

What did I just watch?? 

My Morning Jacket - Tropics. The entire album is here.

The X-Files reopened. The series is coming back in January for a 6 episode run. Here's the build-up video:

Gay men touch a vagina for the first time:

Really enjoying this haunting piece by local (Oakland) musicians.

Bruce - yeah, haunting eerie instrumentation, weird in an evocative way visuals, great vocal quality.

Here's another one from the same album - striking visuals here, too

And since you've written a few pieces on artists and their process, you might enjoy this discussion with Fritch on his audio journeys to the edge of chaos

Bruce, yes, it is interesting and humorous how he 'does' and describes his process. I like his description of the chaotic, dissonant, ugly-even sounds made palatable or almost palatable. What he does is exploratory, experimental, and highly idiosyncratic. He feels bored by the conventional. He likes kinetic, that rhymes a little with frenetic.

Here's Aubrie Sellers on Colbert last night. My first exposure to this band. I like the sound. Sort of a country rockabilly.

With the reboot of Minority Report on tv, with its theme of pre-crime, we see in this article that it is closer to reality than fiction. While in theory it sounds sort of reasonable, its focus on social activists lends itself to more than preventing crime but jailing dissidents against the accepted oligarchy.

theurj said:

I've been catching up on the new tv series, Minority Report. It's a sequel to the PKDick short story and movie by the same name. After finishing the 3rd episode I'm hooked. Hawk-Eye was just instituted, a police surveillance and profiling system that predicts future behavior based on historical behavioral patterns. Reminds me of suggestions for an integral profiling system.

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