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these kind of claims should not go unpunished. i say seize all the assets of these groups and put the money into a christian postmetaphysical education fund:)

Bonnitta Roy shared this on Facebook (asking folks whether this was delusion, truth, fiction, etc.)  At minute 34, Inelia begins talking specifically about her 2012 mission and what her "work" entails.


new paradigm, vibration of awareness, divine intervention (avataric descent), bilocation, past lives, akashic records, astral realm, light beings, higher self. these are many of the central pieces of so-called new age thinking, but they can all also be traced back to theosophical thinking at the turn of the century. it seems like she has been schooled specifically by a group of theosophists.

so it's no more delusional than what it might be for a typical new ager or theosophist, though she herself appears to be claiming specifically that she is some kind of avatar that has descended from 'pure oneness' because "the light being of the world have called for help," on account of the "present crisis," which is another typical new age idea.

personally i find the whole "indigo children" thing very annoying. they' can be awful to teach and their parents seem to suffer from some kind of munschausen's syndrome by proxy.

I have just come from reading a long thread at the "2012 Nexus Forum" where there is an extended discussion of Anelia and her teaching. Another word that keeps coming up over there is the word "ascension." I'm not entirely clear on the ascendency of this term among "new agers," but I think it can be traced back to theosophy, up through the "I Am" Activity, and to the Summit Lighthouse people --the two organizations providing linkage between the older theosophical movements and contemporary "new age" thinking.

There is, of course, great concern in the forum as to whether or not Anelia is a "fraud" and con artist out to get people's money, etc. A few seem to reject her (and the interviewer, Bill Ryan) outright; one or two seem to be truly open to the possibility of her claims; but the majority seem to be waiting for some conclusive "proof" as to her "powers." I find this last idea interesting. What would these "powers" be?  They seem to refer to an ability to provide spontaneous healing and an experience of "ascension."

Someone also referred to an phenomenon in which light "emanates" from a true master's body during a healing, and this is indicative of some kind of "proof." (Reminds me of the ectoplasm of the spiritualists. No doubt, though, these are distinct "phenomena" that should not be conflated. haha.)

But in the forum there appears to be the generally held belief that there are, on the on hand, "true" enlightened gurus/ascended masters with specific psychic powers or powers to heal or spontaneously "spiritually transform" individuals, and on the other hand, "charlatans" and the "cults" that promulgate them. (Personally, I find this to be a kind of false dichotomy.) There also appear to be a few in the group with a much more pragmatic attitude: if she wants to teach, so what; she's free to do so. This point is related to a sub-issue in the thread having to do with whether or not Anelia should be charging for her seminars and teachings. She does apparently: three payments of $33 to a total of $99.  This then raises another sense of the term "charlatan," in the sense of, do her teachings and seminars "deliver the goods?" In other words, does her teaching really lead to "ascension."

Her background would appear to be Buddhism and Scientology. One question actually posed to her online asked, if she is an ascended master (or in CO$ lingo, a "clear") what was she doing getting involved in Scientology -- why would she need them? Her response was that she did so to better learn how to communicate, that is, to study the language of communicating a spiritual teaching, since she thought that there was something powerful about how Scientology presented its teachings. Another question posed by someone asked what it was like going from Buddhism to Scientology, and the intent of the question seemed to imply that there was some kind of asymmetry between the two or incongruity in making that kind of move.

The most interesting theory presented was that she has apparently amassed an large debt to the CO$ and she was not successful selling books to pay the money she owed, so she and Bill have taken this new course, with Bill's intention apparently being to distract the people at Project Avalon from some kind of "fiasco" involving someone named "Charles," someone who apparently had not lived up to claims and predictions of being the latest ascended master/teacher.


Went over to "Project Avalon" and Charles is apparently some guy who claims to have worked for "the 33 Rulers of the World" (who are, apparently, far, far above the Illuminati who are but mere peons in the real hierarchy. hahaha). The forum is filled with conspiratorial-2012-NWO-David Icke-reptilian-extraterrestrials-are-coming nutters.

Apparently both new age thinking and this conspiracy nonsense goes by the name "alternative" these days. Ya.

my post above was referencing harold camping whose narcissism borders on sociopathic as he didn't feel one bit of remorse for all the gullible folks that bought into his delusions and whose lives he helped destroy. now, i might add that i don't really see a problem with the imaginal realm and people should be free to believe whatever they like in the confines of their own minds, but, when people put all manner of metaphysical nonsense out there and try and pass it off as ontology, then, i think it fair that reasonable people draw a very firm line and say no to this crap, especially when this stuff is being SOLD for profit. and, it's high time the not-for-profit groups get taken to task, too, when destructive teachings are taught under the guise of religion/spirituality/ontology.....again, however, individuals should always be allowed their pet theory's about the universe as long as folks put their thoughts out there as theory and opinion......


on another note, the only irrefutable  proof of satan that i've ever come across is my spelling and grammar!


In one of her pages at the“Ascension 101” site, Inelia writes:

“Some data came to me recently through an interview I did of Bill Ryan, the alternative media interviewer from Project Avalon.  He had received information that the world's overpopulation, that the poisoning of the planet, the creation of famine, wars, and broken societies, were all a ploy by the elite to eliminate most of the population of the planet. Not because they want less people here, but because this is a method of filtering the "weak" from the "strong".

What does this mean?  He mentioned that the elite are working to get a very specific type of human and that causing all this hardship will result on only this type of human to survive.  This human, that they want, is physically strong, ruthless, conquistador style, and very easy to control (follows orders).  The reason they want this type of human is because this is the type that they need to conquer space.

The plan they have for lightworkers, anarchists, and mavericks, is to quickly round them up in holding camps and shut them up, so that they cannot organize a society that helps the masses.  Whether this information is accurate or not, is up for discussion.  But as we look around today, we can see that those in charge of governments, banking and industry are trashing the planet big time.

Yesterday I watched the news (I don't it very often), and Obama was on talking about his new war.  The presenter said that the USA was in over 200 wars around the world at the moment.  I am hoping I heard wrong! This is at the same time that the USA population is suffering through one of the worst depressions in history.  Go figure.


Perhaps the most unfortunate side to Inelia’s teaching is this apparent need to pay lip service to the conspiratorial NWO fantasies of Bill Ryan. Otherwise, I find her to be a rather benign and harmless teacher, even kind of cute in her disarming way. I will not fall into the false dichotomy trap and judge whether she is “genuine” or a “fraud” as I don’t think that kind of thing is helpful. But I will say that, astral bodies and akashic records aside, there may be aspects of her teaching that might be potentially helpful – her recurring message to let go of fear, for example.

Actually, I have noticed on her pages that sometimes Inelia will start with some inane sensational topic, like UFO’s or the NWO, but then will move on to more pertinent topics: “Whether or not ET’s exist, the important thing to remember is…” In fact, after giving the above tract, which indirectly refers to some kind of NWO synarchy, she then begins to teach in a manner that, for those that can notice, directly contradicts the initial entertaining of such ideas. For she then begins to talk about letting go of fear, and what is the basis of such conspiratorial thinking but fear-mongering?

In the thread, “what the fuck is going on?” I had indicated an apparent surprise at the extent to which what Barkun calls “fusion paranoia” had permeated popular culture. Part of this surprise had to do with the incoherence of combining certain forms of new age thought with the conspiracy theories of people like William Cooper.  How so?

Related to the notion of “ascension” is that of the “ascended masters.” This idea finds perhaps its most complete development in the works of Alice Bailey, who described a “Great White Brotherhood” that are not only the overseers of mankind’s spiritual development, but that also formed a kind of synarchy, albeit a benevolent one. This idea can perhaps be traced to a book by Karl von Eckharthausen who had written about a brotherhood of likeminded mystics and occultists, and in so doing had drawn upon works written about the fabled orders of Rosicrucians and Illuminati.

It is at this point that the incoherence emerges. In the typical new age pattern, the Iluminati and Rosicrucians are seen as belonging to a benevolent brotherhood looking out for the betterment of mankind. But in the typical pattern of the NWO conspiracy theory, the Illuminati are, along with the Freemasons, the group most often implicated in a Luciferian conspiracy to take over the world. This demonizing of the Illuminati and Freemasons can be traced back to two trends: first, anti-masonic rhetoric deriving from many sources, and second, a more recent polemic directed at “occultism,” “esotercism” and “eastern spirituality” deriving from contemporary conservative Christian writers.

How all of this can be combined in the mind of someone over at Project Avalon who listens to the ramblings of "Charles" one night then listens to an interview with Inelia Benz the next boggles the comprehension. 

I will not fall into the false dichotomy trap and judge whether she is “genuine” or a “fraud."

She is a genuine fraud, no dichotomy. She sincerely believes this nonsense which makes her genuine, but it is nonsense nonetheless. I'm surprised the kennilinguists haven't caught on to this yet, after supporting Trivendi. It's interesting how an attractive woman can short-circuit men's bs detectors. The things we do for love.

"Mysteries of the Ancient Unknown" on the Colbert Report:

One of my dance friends listens religiously to Coast to Coast and is often forwarding stuff like this (but not specifically this). I keep saying this stuff in beyond the pale but he insists that it is plausible. Another dance friend does the same with stuff from the Alex Jones show.

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