At FB IPS Balder posted on this book. Therein Richard Kearney discusses the return of God after atheism, anatheism, with various philosophers. John Caputo has always been one of my favorites and is featured in chapter 9. Some of that chapter is available to review here. On 196-98 Caputo and Kearney discuss Hegel. Caputo is concerned that like Ricoeur, Kearney might think anatheism is a higher synthesis derived from atheism and theism. Caputo of course questions this sort of reconciliation and it turns out Kearney seems to also, since he wrote in the book of ana-atheism.

All of which reminds me of the syntegralists in this piece, who are more in alignment with Caputo than Wilber's Hegelian synthetic orientation. E.g., "Therefore syn-integral bridging does not follow the ideas of a metaphysical harmony, nor an underlying unity-oriented ideal(ism)" (128). See this IPS thread for some discussion.

Ana-atheism, a triple negative (an=after, a=not, a=not), reminds me of this Ning IPS post, and the one after it. The latter post is from the chorus of my song on the Three Veils of Negative Existence:

That's right, that's right, nothing
And not just nothing, but no nothing
And not no nothing neither.

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Is there any reference to Stuart Kaufman's book, "Reinventing the Sacred"?

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