Has anyone heard of Mahendra Travedi before, or read this essay by Wilber? 


Here's a link to Trivedi's website, from which this is an excerpt:


Mahendra Kumar Trivedi was born with an exceptional ability to change living and non-living matter with Energy Transmissions or "blessings" (focused intentional consciousness, called The Trivedi Effect™). Through collaborations with researchers in six countries from numerous scientific fields, Trivedi has amassed a broad set of data substantiating this ability in a scientifically demonstrable and measurable manner. The results of these collaborations are beyond anything predicted by the science and technology of today:

  • Agriculture - grow crops with no use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides while providing
    • Increased nutritional value (300% increase in bio-photons)
    • Increased yields (up to 500%)
    • Increased immunity (up to 300%)

  • Genetics
    • Change the DNA in plants (up to 69%) and in microbes (up to 79%)
    • Change the genus and species in harmful bacteria

  • Microbiology
    • Reduce viral loads for HIV, Hepatitis B and C and Cytomegalovirus (up to 99.81%)
    • Reduce antibiotic sensitivity of harmful bacteria (significantly)
    • Convert cancer cells into non-cancerous cells

  • Material science
    • Alter mass and size of atom, energy within and between the atoms
    • Alter specific heat, boiling and melting points
    • Interchange mass and energy (more than 400%)

It is the goal of Trivedi Foundation to create additional rigorous scientific collaborations to further corroborate, reproduce and follow up on the many remarkable results of the Trivedi Effect™ on seeds, plants, soils, bacteria, fungi, viruses, metals, ceramics and polymers. Through continued collaboration with the international scientific community, we will broaden our base of understanding of the previously demonstrated effects and create groundbreaking new paradigms of the nature of human consciousness and its relationship to the material universe.

Trivedi Foundation also seeks to further the research previously done on Trivedi's distinct physiology and it's relationship to his unique abilities.

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I know you appreciate articulate discussion and insightful responses, but right now all I can say to this is:


I'm off to find out more.

Hey Bruce,
I'm with James. . .very exciting stuff.
I am highly skeptical.
I think its pretty cool. If the effects can be reproduced, it will change the face of the world.

In my books this new subtle energy is one part of the amazing changes that will without a doubt rock our century. The other parts will be self-aware supersmart robots, androids and supercomputers and of course a new post-orange world government. Take these together and BOOM there you have the singularity and a future that lies beyond the wildest things we dared to dream yet.

I say Cowabunga!
Cowabunga Clarabella!

from "The Howdy-Doody Show" of 1950's television: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQEqLUtp9Bg

And indeed it would/will be!
i fall into the moderately to highly skeptical position on this one:) 150.00 bucks will let this new subtle energy into my bodymind/soul/spirit?
I'm skeptical, but open-minded enough to believe that it may be genuine. It sounds to me sort of like the Oneness blessing or deeksha, which I'm pretty sure was a scam. It's impossible to deny the interesting pictures of the agriculture, though. After hearing him speak, I'm more inclined to believe he is genuine.

Here are some links.

"Where is this energy coming from?"

"Do the consciousness."

Well although some of the reports were carried out as far afield as Canada & Australia, most of them were carried out in India, and some of the addresses of these institutions state "near fish market", "next to church"... . Now I may be missing something about the cultural specifics of postal addresses in India, but this does not as first glance imply that they were carried out at major institutions.

Also the Australian doctor who analsyed Trivedi's physiology is currently under investigation by his local medical board in Mlebourne

Furthermore, one becomes less convinced when you see this kind of qualifying statement buried in one of the many reports: "The selection of the crop lines & the treatment part of the said project was designed and carried out by Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi (Mumbai) himself. Our laboratory was used to detect the polymorphism (mutation) on consultancy basis"
That's right, the test was designed by Trivedi himself.

If he can repeat these effects within research designed by others, preferably outside of India*, then I'll really be watching.

(* The reason I say this is because there have been other recent examples in India of supposed medical scientists proclaiming scientific proof for unusual abilities only for the evidence to fall into disrepute and for a personal connection to be shown to exist between the person being studied and the scientist leading the investigation . Check out the wiki pages on "inedia" and references to the studies on the Indian sadhus Hira Ratan Manek and Prahlad Jani by Dr Sudhir Shah.

Dr Shah, according to wikipedia, is a well known and ardent proponent of Jain philosophy. Perhaps Dr Shah's own world view may well have skewed his findings? Thankfully there is a new study involving the Indian military being undertaken on Prahlad Jani which seems to be more rigorous.)

Apparently Ken is on Trivedi's Foundation Advisory Board
"Science, Divinity, and Consciousness."

"Possible Applications of the New Phenomenon."

It doesn't surprise me that Ken would jump on this and start calling it "Integral"...but whether or not it is true...
yup, good call james! i too question the merits of bias investigations while applauding the idea if scientific investigation into paranormal phenomenon. perhaps we can convince dr. suzuki into taking a break from the manmade co2 issue and get him and his crew to do a seasons worth of shows on these types of claims? or would he consider this 'junk' science? anyway, and i'm serious here:) iffin' any of you are up to being lab rats and parting with the 150.00 bucks and blogging here about your experiences i will certainly entertain your experience and advice on this one.......
I doubt that latter would be worth any empirical salt. We are well aware of how we all will fit anything to our chosen narrative and exclude any evidence to the contrary. So one who spends the money with the belief this will work will see it as working, any "objective" evidence notwithstanding.

I'm reminded of a piece Rachel Maddow did last night. There is this media narrative that all incumbents will fall in the coming elections due to the vast, angry and dissatisfied public. And yet nearly every primary held so far the incumbents won, with rare and minor exception. Still, the day after such elections the media headlines were still touting this disproven narrative. In other words, that's my story and I'm sticking to it, regardless of any results.

Note how quickly folks jumped on the narrative of this thread, of super-human powers. It's part of the integral narrative of super-evolved beings beyond anything that has ever graced the planet before, this 2nd-tier humanity guiding the rest of us schmucks into the next enlightenment of world peace etc. Even Claire Graves jumped on this bandwagon for a while (as noted in the transitional structures thread) but came to his senses. We all have a need to feel special, different, better and so on. It's a comforting story. But as Batchelor notes, liberation is not about comfort but challenge. Or as Colonel Kurtz says in Apocalypse Now, “the horror.” At least that’s my story.
A better candidate for investigation into the paranormal might be the Institute of Noetic Sciences. They too seem biased by their superman narrative but perhaps are a bit more “scientific” in their studies. Granted the narrative not only interprets the data but likely also creates the data by their experimental bias it seems to be a bit more empirical than the above. A quick search of their site reveals they have apparently not investigated Trivedi to date.

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