With the realization that Sanders will probably not win the Democratic Party nomination, and that said establishment Party is corrupt beyond repair, there has been a spate of internet articles on what to do with the Sanders campaign machine. One option I hear frequently is to take all that momentum and organization and form a progressive third party, one that challenges both the establishment Democratic and Republican Parties. We've come to realize that the Democratic Party is too far gone to the dark side of corporate cronyism never to return to its own progressive roots. In the posts that follow I'll provide my jeremiad on this.

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Ambo, I was strictly quoting Reich there. My own thoughts have vacillated between most of the views I've posted in this thread.

Ah, thanks, t.

theurj said:

Ambo, I was strictly quoting Reich there. My own thoughts have vacillated between most of the views I've posted in this thread.

In this video Sane Progressive lets Maddow have it for saying it's the Sanders campaign and his supporters that are hurting Clinton's general election chances. It ain't so: It's Clinton's record and the corrupt Democratic Party to blame for this travesty of a candidate. And the solution is to form a third party.  Amen to this accurate rant. 

See the video below. Barney Frank, a Clinton supporter, has been appointed to the Democratic Party's standing committee that will help write the platform. His current job? He's on the board of a bank that is being sued for a ponzi scheme. So still think the Sanders populist movement will have any say in influencing the corrupt Democratic Party platform? Let's face it: The Democratic Party is corrupt beyond repair.

Here's Redacted Tonight on the death of the two-party system. Both are bought and paid for by the oligarchs. And both Sanders and Trump campaigns have proven that both Parties are corrupt beyond repair. I hope he's right that the entire two-party system is on the way out and we eventually get a more equitable parliamentary system with the rise of a strong progressive party.

Also see Hartmann's May 18 interviews with Bilbray and Turner, who participated in the NV convention.

For those of you wondering how this relates to an IPSpirituality, I have a few questions. Is there any responsibility for IPSpirituality to promote and implement a just and moral political system? If so, what sort of political system is needed to facilitate an IPS for a wider participation? Is anything like that in either current Party? If not, what sort of political Party would be in line with an IPS? Would any of the examples in this thread be more in line with that agenda than the existing two Parties?

See Cohen on an independent progresssive left. Even though he advocates for a Clinton vote against Trump, that does not mean the progressives support her or the Dem Party agenda. Quite the contrary. He says progressives must remain independent of the corrupt Party while holding it accountable if/when Clinton is leading them. And we must also develop our own policy agenda and support candidates so inclined.

Yikes, a new poll says Trump beats Clinton by 6 points.

And yet, as the Sanders campaign continues to point out: ""If you look at virtually every poll in the last six weeks we do better and often much better against Trump than Secretary Clinton," Sanders said Friday in North Dakota. "So if the goal is to defeat Donald Trump, we are the campaign to do that."

The Democratic Party is delusional because they refuse to accept facts like that. They think they're going to win over all the independent Sanders supporters and instead have alienated them. There's a very real chance Trump will beat Clinton and the corrupt Dem Party just puts its head in the sand, just like they did and lost terribly in the past several mid-terms.

Establishment Dems fight single payer in Colorado. CO has a ballot measure that would provide Medicare-for-all and the corporate Dems are fighting to defeat it. The other factions against it are Republicans, big Pharma and big insurance companies. This tells us a lot about where the corporate Dems are. Of course Sanders supports the bill, as it would be the first US State to pass such legislation that benefits the people instead of big money. The Dem Party is beyond repair and it really is time for an independent progressive party.

The Anti-Corruption Act is another way to fight the system that goes around corrupt legislators:

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