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You'd put money on it?  Wow.  I hope you're right. 

Thomas - thank you again so much for providing us with all this info - it's invaluable information.

Q re. "The banks really really were bailed out.  Really."

Just to clarify, is it being accepted that the banks have already paid back the total $7.7 trillion!? Cos that would be a pretty mean feat right?

An article on OWS by a colleague at JFKU.

Do folks here use a credit union rather than a bank?  I've long been contemplating a switch (my mother was actually urging me to do this several years ago), and I am thinking the time is now well overdue.

Yes, after the '08 crises I moved my $ into a local credit union. It's FDIC insured up to 100k per account like any bank, so it seems the money is protected. But then again, I don't understand what Tom is talking about so who knows? And I guess if the economy completely collapses then so much for any insurance.

This makes me very angry.

You can say that again. I don't know what country I'm living in any more.

I've been looking forward to getting this book.  I really liked his previous book, The Empathic Civilization.  We have a thread dedicated to Rifkin here, if you'd like to talk about the new book there.

Looks like Otto Scharmer has a new book forthcoming which is relevant to some of the themes in this thread.

Cool piece of news on Germany's progressive energy initiatives.

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