This link is to a series of articles on what's happening in Wisconsin. A little ways down the page is a video of Chris Hayes and Naomi Klein discussing why this matters, what's at stake, and what is the true motivation for this draconian legislation. Klein sees it as the shock doctrine in action.

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Oh, the rabbling of 1st tier politics and the enlightented praxis of 2nd tier politics? Just where is this fabled 2nd tier politics to be found in the States? hahaha.

Looks like the unions won't be happy till they drive all the business out of town.

e said:

So unions for instance, the governor of Indiana said he had a problem with his unions. He said they crippled his people’s ability to function. He said if he wanted to move a copier down the hall, he had to call the union. I experienced this first hand when I was at the main convention center in Chicago about 13 years ago. The electrician's union wanted to charge me $75 to plug in my trade show booth to a power outlet strip on the floor. This graft got so bad that Chicago started to lose long held trade shows to other cities like Orlando and Las Vegas and the mayor had to step in and smack some sense into the union management at the convention center.

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