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Tom, a former member of IPS, has posted an interesting -- and lengthy! -- blog on Integral Life.


Quantum Enlightenment 

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I asked just because it surprised me how much that practice mirrors Tantric yoga, at least from your brief description of it.  But, for our times, I also am more concerned with a transformative recontextualization of such practices. 

Tom, three quotes from the presentation grab me:

"In France, Dr. Phillippe Guillemant (CNRS) has proposed that the future is already realised and in transformation under the influence of our observations and intentions."

"Synchronicities are caused by a double causality >>: our intentions cause effects in the future that become the future causes of present effects."

"Consciousness traverses associations - thus generating the mind's impression of space and time."

I like the almost palpable sense of infinite information conveyed in this talk.

The historical Buddha is said to have said that even a buddha wouldn't be able to explicate (viz some kind of linear unravelling) the intricacies of karma, it is so complex. With infinite information present everywhere and no 'where' at once, trying to join dots just doesn't cut it.

In the conventional buddhist explanation of karma, there is talk of primary causes and secondary causes, with the analogy given of a seed as primary cause, and warmth, soil, moisture etc. as the secondary causes for the seed to ripen. Karma of course literally means action, action with accompanying intention. My preferred way to relate to karma is as "karmic vision", where vision refers to our experience via all of the senses. Guillemant's ideas concerning synchronicities to me brings an image of echoes, as if of something ahead. If consciousness does traverse associations, generating the impression of space and time, we can see these associations as being derived from impicit information. Synchronicities stand out because they appear to us as somewhat uncanny, but perhaps 'mundane' secondary causes as they manifest are echoes no less, and we filter our karmic vision from out of an infinite silent cacophony.

Why QM is an embarrassment to science:

He favors the many worlds interpretation over the Copenhagen, which coincides with our discussions elsewhere on monism and pluralism.

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