Not that anyone would reference it much here, but I found a complete online copy of Israel Regardie's classic tome at this link. For some time it was my Bible.

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I experimented with ecstasy in the summer of '85 while I was attending a massage school with a psychological and human potential orientation, the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing.* In addition to massage and bodywork techniques we learned a lot about body psychology, engaged in a variety of meditative disciplines as well as alternative therapeutic-spiritual combos like Naranjo's work. The latter also incorporated ecstasy in his work which was picked up by some in the school, as it was the 'love drug' and used for creating emotional intimacy and bonding.

* As as aside, I did a number of satires of the school and movement during that time. I did one renaming the school The Institoot of Reicho-Fuctual Fantasy, given the combination of sex, drugs and altered states training. I was also a tai chi student-teacher and frustrated with another local teacher that advertised "learn tai chi is 7 short weeks." So I did a satire flyer advertising "Learn tai chi, play the guitar and be a plumber in 7 short days."

I tried it twice and was intrigued by the effects.  I can see why it has aroused the interest of so many in the therapeutic community and, as I understand, the earlier worries about mild brain damage (shrinking of dendrites) turns out to be a side-effect mostly of dehydration rather than the drug.  Alexander Shulgin who helped popularize MDMA and its analogues just recently passed away.

Transmission ends...

Another of my Bibles from that period: Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang.

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