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cult-cult / MIP-civ / COS-pals / smartgroups / the New Academy


A culture of cultivation.

That means we must support, promulgate, institutionalize and enforce a "culture of cultivation". What is a culture of cultivation? It is one which places and axis of developmental altitude at the center of its social policies and organizational ethos. The qualitative, non-dogmatic development of inner, outer & shared skills -- and their deepening or progress relative to one's structural capacities and basic temperament -- is the requirement and currency of society. Rights and privileges are "exchanged" with individuals in exchange for their demonstration of personal growth, assistance to the development of well-being in others, participation in social and ecological improvement, etc. These changes place complexity, depth, subtlety, capacity, width at the "official" center of the social agenda. All other values (strength, prosperity, virtue, health, etc.) must be regularly SYMBOLICALLY asserted as contributing to and deriving from the principle of cultivation.

This ethos applies both to individuals and to society as a whole -- which must firmly establish qualitative refinement and improvement (which includes quantitative increase as an occasional subcategory) as the metric of accountability. 


Massive Internal Profiling civilization.

This triggers some warning bells for people but in fact it is already well underway on this planet. Turning back is not a real technological or social option at this point. So it is not a question of whether there should be MIP -- but rather: how willing we are to embrace it, improve it & shape it into the kind of system that will be optimally beneficial? The most dangerous social problems facing our species and our nation cannot be legitimately or practically resolved at the level of merely external interventions. But the very same systems which are beginning to allow us to track and analyze people are the ones we would need in order to know more about ourselves and to ensure that the people we put in charge of things are competent and decent.

So what does a better MIP-civ look like? It means that the individual is the “owner” of his or her “data”. This data is a constantly updated packaged of medical history, resumes, search history, bio-chemical information, brain scans and complex personality tests which is takes developmental stages, types and different “lines” of intelligence into account -- and cross references all the components of those results with the scores from all other human beings. This is an “opt in” process. You are not under any obligation to share your data but neither is an airline under any obligation to let you on a plane without reasonable evidence that you do not have one of the common “terrorist profiles”. No one is confined to their current profile because it is always in flux and the most accurate and comprehensive data provides the greatest opportunity for individuals to voluntary alter themselves in more benign directions. The system itself must be guaranteed by our strongest civic authorities and has validity ONLY if it is constantly upgrading its capacity and it overseen by reliable individuals. These individuals, like those who wish to take a greater roles in the directing of general human resources (i.e. politics, corporations, etc.) must make relevant aspects of their profile available for public inspection -- including cognitive, ethical, social, emotional and neurological data. This is a trans-partisan approach which combines the conservative realism that understands the necessity of profiling with the progressive understanding that “external factors” (such as clothing, gender, skin color, religious affiliation, etc.) are merely indirect and mostly misleading variable. While it is true that “guns don’t kill people” we are obligated to police the external objects until such time as we can exceed these results by policing people psychologically.


Smartgroups means having more intelligent group protocols for eliciting and combining individual intelligence into actionable group directives. Enhanced democracy. Just as a “secret ballot” and “voting” increases our ability to extract collective intelligence from groups of people we must experimentally put into play our best understandings of how to further this capacity. Both the intellectual and “gut” evaluations of people are relevant. Combinations and averages of gradient votes must come to replace simple “first past the post” majorities. The emotional desire for “consensus” and “accountability” must be teased apart from the actual dynamics which result in better decisions. No society can function well unless its collective decisions exceed the swarm intelligence of the individuals. And every society, no matter its stage of development, will falter if its rituals for combining intelligence into decisions result in outcomes less intelligent than those of its individual members. Credibility of the “system” exists only if it can demonstrably outdo individuals acting on their own.

Smartgroups suggests a definite trend in the arrangement of human management patterns. This applies equally to diverse domains such as energy production and distribution, legislative oversight, nourishment, military security and "global policing", mobilization in the face of international ecological urgency, etc.


This stands for Cultural Operating Systems (COS) friends. A COS is analogous to a vMeme in Spiral Dynamics. So these "pals" are trans-episteme allies. The arrangement of cooperation and alignment between constituencies of different worldviews on key issues such as ecological crisis. As long as basic constituencies like the traditionalists, libertarians, modernists and progressives are trying to solve problems in opposition to each other -- or suggesting improvement methods which first require the mass population to convert to their particular value-system -- we will remain stymied in our ability to robustly address our real situations.

“the new Academy”

This has resonances with both the monastic tradition (out of which the university tradition grows) and also the widely felt need to re-establish alternative human communities which are appropriate our genuine needs and potentials. We must generate real (not merely virtual or "hobbyist") facilities which will deepen, accelerate and promulgate the interests of so-called "second tier civilization" by all means possible. It is well understood that inner development, consciousness evolution, meditation and being-education are necessary to produce people who can produce and anchor a better human civilization. Such people currently exist scattered, partially, aligned with this or that proto-Academy or teacher, in need of group self-consciousness, intensfication, subtle and practical community and activation in intentional causes.

This has at least three important aspects:

1. To locate, enliven & acquire 2nd tier (and proto-2nd tier) individuals.

2. To provide participatory (“skin in the game”) sanctuary, embodied practical community, networked allegiances, deepening and widening of integral skills in “hives” of some kind.

3. To create and coordinate evolutionary change teams and to strategic/organic projects which will occupy networked positions in the World.

What goes on it such facilities?

At the very least: experimentation with the other “pillars”, vigorous integrative (multi-quadrant, multi-level, multi-line, multi-type) practices, intensified group and personal meditation (or meditation equivalents), the enriching and deepening and cross-pollinating of existing spiritual-developmental tradition, experiments at innovating new forms, exercises to intentionally harmonize body-heart-mind, practical self-discovery and strengthening work alongside people of different types, exploration and comparison of various modalities of collective consciousness, ego-building & ego-transcending, shadow work (psycho-bio-emotional), subtle energy training, health training, skills training, integrative study of History, Science, Art and Politics, critical study of Evolutionary Change Institutions and Network -- how have they succeed and/or failed?, work to establish allies.

security training (paramilitary/policing, paramedical, ecological... to be ready as individuals and teams to deal with bodily dangers), Participation and generation of socio-economic projects for mutual benefit in securing, strengthening and increasing the world-share of second tier groups.

*A NOTE ON ENERGY (an example)

Many already know that new energy production is crucial. To fuel a survivable (& thrive-able) future takes a power-generation and power-distribution system that is relatively massive, non-toxic, sustainable, secure from disruption, widely distributed, diversely sourced and accessibly inexpensive.

Beyond those needs are also other hints about new or subtle energies which may be amenable to mathematical treatments and technological harnessing. May it be so! But what is required to bring about a new energy age?

  • Firstly, we need a general social mood AND official symbolic commitment to innovation. All social incentives must be biased toward qualitative improvement including those which determine energy production. This is what I have called "cult-cult".
  • Secondly, our programs of technological innovation must be both operated and overseen by the most competent and flexibly appropriate people who do so in the most transparent manner possible. That means "we" need to have a far better idea of what is going on inside people. A MIP-civ is needed to establish this opportunity.
  • Thirdly, in order to create and utilize these opportunities appropriately we must make the correct collective decisions. All advancement depends upon conclusions drawn and enacted by group of humans (with the help of machine intelligence and, hopefully, "higher influences"). To responsibly and sensibly conceive, organize and utilize these systems we must improve our rituals of decision-making and group enactment. Smartgroups are necessary in some form.
  • To get these project underway, and to protect them from untoward interference by large cultural blocs (associated with developmental "levels") means that a strong cooperation or "spirit-sharing" must occur between the moods and values of such blocs. Cos-pals names this necessity.
  • None of this is possible without "integrative individuals" who hold a "second tier" vision. A new energy era requires an increase in such people, their communities, their capacities and the share of human resources determined by their vision. A robust network-facility need to deepen, empower, protect, connect & prepare such people for their roles and their new form of living. A new academy of living-training must cultivate the necessary legions of people who can invoke and operate the new environment without a loss of value in any critical area.

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Of course, for then you'd be pulling an OLEG!

Awww, now I want "DON'T BE AN "OLEG" t-shirts printed up. 

Poor guy.  I hope, but do not expect, him to pay more attention to the quotation marks than to the letters that appear to spell his name...

Also see this comment from another thread, germane to the recent discussion above.


The concern about "systems" and "machines" rises very quickly. It is a first veil through which MIP-civ must pass.  Partly by a better explication of its proposal.  Partly by reminding people that all the horrific systems they are familiar with have been run by human beings.  Partly by reminding the evolving consciousness not to be overly attached to interiors and put some thought into how LR systems can be produced to anchor, accelerate and encourage the flourishing of human interiors.  

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