In our old Gaia forum I had a series called Daily Tarot Card Meditation Game. The idea was to choose a card for viewing and then for participants to freely associate anything that came up for them, anything at all. It could be related to the traditional meanings of the card or not. It was more an exercise in free-form meditation, of improvising a meaning on the spot as it bubbles up from our subconscious, creative wellspring. It was a fun, playful, shared activity and I'd like to reinvigorate it here. I won't post a card daily again but only when the muse strikes me. Anyone else though is free to post one with or without  their comments any time they wish. And since this is a creative activity I'll post it in this forum. Let the shared art begin!


Play with this:


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It's like dreaming, all those subconscious images coming up in random and weird ways, moving from one scene to the next with no discernable reason or connection, confused in a smoky haze. From castles to riches to dragons and snakes, and some strange figure covered by a veil and a red halo. Spontaneous projection is that the latter is an engorged (red) penis with foreskin (veil) intact.
The head in the cup has eyes closed and is blue, indicating inactivity, perhaps sleep or meditation? The foreground figure has his back to the viewer and is dark, again indicating an altered state not usual to the light of day, when all sorts of creatures come out to play.
Today I see a conjurer, a con man, weaving and selling dreams to those who are afflicted and can ill afford them. A snake oil salesman with no business ethics. Or conversely, a well meaning proselyte of a spiritual system who believes the dreams it weaves and wants only to save humanity from its ill-fated destiny sans salvation, even if it kills the recipient. In both cases the figure in the central cup is veiled with the intimation that the uninitiated don't have the capacity to see the "truth" underneath and the conjurer/aspirant does, to be traded for a price.
He stands in indecision before the vexing cloud, half withdrawing from, half reaching for (with compulsive, hidden hand) cups both enticing and forbidding. On TV downstairs, another show about Hoarders airs. They too are stuck in indecision between promise and loss, and the clouds of noxious fumes billow round the castle walls, snakes venture from the cupboards, coiled dragons hiss come hither from underneath the couch, shining baubles spill over the eaves, squandered, and the dreaming self refuses to be roused. Underneath the shroud the virgin yet awaits her consummation.
Yes, the shroud seemed like a virgin's hymen to me, the most expensive crown jewel of fantasies the dark purveyor is willing to sell.

Get your sticks together boys. Someone has to supervise, provide a focus, get things organized.

Maybe if they quit wearing those fruity culottes with hose and wore some pants like real men?
Playing on the last sentence above, the guy in the right foreground with polka dots is looking at the guy in red's penis, as if to say: "Oh my, your 'wood' is quite long." Red responds by bonking Polka on the head with his staff while saying: "I'm not that way!"
After all this intellectual focus on reading, thinking and writing I need to refresh in unabased illogical free association. The soil seems soft and pliable after, but not right after, a rain. Not muddy, just soft and incapable of holding a post firmly within it. Hence they are running about, unable to set their posts in the earth to build a structure, not knowing what to do with them in the meantime. Given their day's work is interupted perhaps they decide to "play" with the sticks instead, some frivolous activity that has no useful function like building something permanent. Just having some fun, buddy fucking around.

By the way, I'm using a random generator to pick a number between 1 and 78, then counting the cards as they are laid out in this wikipedia page. Funny how "it" picked a Fall theme on Austin's first Fall temperatures last evening.

First impression is a harvest celebration, hard labor rewarded, fermented grape shared with affectionate abandon. Cheers!

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