After much extended consideration I changed the name of my blog from Integral Postmetaphysical Enaction to the above. (Former blog postings in this thread.) It will still be at the same link. I've decided to change the name largely due to no longer having much interest in integral theory. Still some, but not enough to justify it in the name. I'm still interested in postmetaphysics, but who the hell has heard of that outside a select few eggheads? I am much more interested in motivating myself and others into participating with progressive ideals and enacting those policies in all domains. Keeping the old blog name was more than a bit off putting for that broader agenda. I'll keep the old name as a subtitle for now for those familiar with and searching for it. But my intent is to get more people involved in the hope of actually changing things for the better instead of engaging in interesting but mostly armchair speculations.

I retained the word enaction for a few reasons. It relates to specific philosophical models of embodied cognition (and/or realism) in which I'm still interested and will continue to write about. It is a progressive evolution over previous models highlighting our participation with co-creating our realities. Note the prefix co, indicating that though we participate the Real grounds and delimits that participation. But that's still egghead. Mostly because the word means creating law, which to me is the most effective way for us to implement our values in society. Hence a lot of my focus is on motivating us to participate in changing or creating laws aligned with progressive ideals.

The blog will still be the same except that the name will more accurately reflect what I've been doing here for the past several months. I hope the current audience will continue to read. And I hope the new name will attract new readers who are motivated to join me in participating in progressive ideals and enacting laws and structures to express that agenda.

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Support the new Bill to overturn the Hobby Lobby decision.

The TPP gets worse. See the petition text below and please consider signing it here. Now the TPP has provisions to censor the internet! These people are insidious and evil. And must be stopped.

REVEALED: “Chief negotiators” are now stepping in to finalize a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) plan that could censor expression online for generations.1 2 Your comments on mobile platforms, content on YouTube, and posts on Facebook could be censored. Whole websites could even be blocked.3
We only have 48hrs before meetings in Ottawa conclude: Let’s raise a loud global call for TPP chief negotiators to back off and save free expression now. TPP negotiators received citizen comments in a face-to-face meeting with OpenMedia just hours ago,4 but now chief negotiators are stepping in to ram the censorship plan into place. If enough people speak out now, we’ll put up a giant “Save Free Expression” banner in front of the TPP meeting building – a banner that decision makers and the media can’t ignore.

[1] Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. Source: EFF
[2] TPP talks in full gear as chief negotiators join working-level meeting. Source: Mainichi
[3] How the Trans-Pacific Partnership would impact Internet freedom. Source: Expose the TPP
[4] Social media companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and Internet user groups speak out about costs of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. Source.

Wow, yes, very concerning.  I will sign.

Zombie lies. Bill Maher nails the typical and incessant regressive lying about everything. Sure, even liberals lie. But when they are caught and called on it they actually admit it and quit that lie because "they realize there's this thing called observable reality." Not so with regressives. They continue pathological lies that never die, like zombies, since they are incapable of recognizing that they lied in the first place. They are immune to facts, science and observable reality. See the video for numerous examples.

The Ready for Warren campaign. See this report on a new campaign to convince Senator Warren to run for President in 2016. "The group already has a Facebook page, Twitter account and a new website." We really need to convince her that Clinton will not support the sort of progressive agenda we want, the sort of progressive agenda Warren believes in. Only Warren is going to represent those ideas. And more importantly, implement them if she's President. Her candidacy would also bolster more progressives running for Congress and winning those seats, as polls consistently show progressive issues are in the vast majority. We need her to run and win the Presidency to return this country to a democracy. With Clinton we'll only continue down the inevitable road to oligarchy. You can support this effort by signing the petition at the website, getting on the mailing list and continuing to support Warren's candidacy.

Liberal science denial. Yes, regressives have science denial big time on many issues. But some liberals are not immune* either, especially when it comes to vaccination.

* Pun intended.

Maher on the free market. It's not free and it's not much of a market. It's monopolies that don't give a shit about customer service because they don't have to, while charging outrageous prices.

The stimulus boosted the economy. You'll repeatedly hear the regressive story that the economy is failing and it's all Obama's fault. As usual the story is based on lies. GDP increased 4% last quarter, the third highest growth quarter in the last 7 years. This was due in large part to the stimulus bill the President initiated early in his tenure. And economists are in virtual agreement about this according to a U of Chicago survey: 36 out of 37 leading economists said it reduced unemployment. There is overwhelming consensus about this. Much like with climate change, with 97% consensus from climate scientists.

And all the more amazing since those lying regressives have blocked every other attempt to improve the economy since they took over the House in 2010, another fact. Given the above stats, if they truly believed in America and would've done something, anything, to improve it our economy would likely have fully recovered by now. It's obvious they really want the economy to tank because their narrative is false, proven time and again to have failed. To deny reality time and again is a severe illness. Do you really want delusional people governing our country?

See the video here.

Senator Sanders weighs in on Burger King's inversion. He sees it a contempt for America and its citizens. They take advantage of America's workforce and infrastructure but don't want to contribute to its upkeep. Also withdrawing its tax contribution makes less money available for healthcare and education, things also needed to keep its profits flowing. In other words, companies like this are the real takers, who just take and give little back. Only in a regressive and delusional mind are such companies the makers.

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What paths lie ahead for religion and spirituality in the 21st Century? How might the insights of modernity and post-modernity impact and inform humanity's ancient wisdom traditions? How are we to enact, together, new spiritual visions – independently, or within our respective traditions – that can respond adequately to the challenges of our times?

This group is for anyone interested in exploring these questions and tracing out the horizons of an integral post-metaphysical spirituality.

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