After much extended consideration I changed the name of my blog from Integral Postmetaphysical Enaction to the above. (Former blog postings in this thread.) It will still be at the same link. I've decided to change the name largely due to no longer having much interest in integral theory. Still some, but not enough to justify it in the name. I'm still interested in postmetaphysics, but who the hell has heard of that outside a select few eggheads? I am much more interested in motivating myself and others into participating with progressive ideals and enacting those policies in all domains. Keeping the old blog name was more than a bit off putting for that broader agenda. I'll keep the old name as a subtitle for now for those familiar with and searching for it. But my intent is to get more people involved in the hope of actually changing things for the better instead of engaging in interesting but mostly armchair speculations.

I retained the word enaction for a few reasons. It relates to specific philosophical models of embodied cognition (and/or realism) in which I'm still interested and will continue to write about. It is a progressive evolution over previous models highlighting our participation with co-creating our realities. Note the prefix co, indicating that though we participate the Real grounds and delimits that participation. But that's still egghead. Mostly because the word means creating law, which to me is the most effective way for us to implement our values in society. Hence a lot of my focus is on motivating us to participate in changing or creating laws aligned with progressive ideals.

The blog will still be the same except that the name will more accurately reflect what I've been doing here for the past several months. I hope the current audience will continue to read. And I hope the new name will attract new readers who are motivated to join me in participating in progressive ideals and enacting laws and structures to express that agenda.

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The last link gives info and leads to a petition. One can also respond to the FCC Chairman's blog post here on the topic. Please leave your comments on it asking him to just classify ISPs as common carriers. It's that simple to reinstate net neutrality. What he's proposing is NOT that. Also please contact him directly and the rest of the commission at the following:

Chairman Tom Wheeler:
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn:
Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel:
Commissioner Ajit Pai:
Commissioner Michael O’Rielly: Mike.O'

Given the above I thought I'd re-post this oldie but goodie:

Chris Mooney reports on this story in Mother Jones. One study noted our predisposition for fear is genetically influenced. If we have the fear gene we're much more likely to be conservative politically and "less tolerant of immigrants and people of races different from their own." One of the researchers noted though that genetics is not destiny, and environment plays a part as well.

Which brings us to the second study on gambling risk and fear. Here Republicans were activating their amygdala, our threat response system. Democrats however "were using the insula, involved in internal monitoring of one's feelings." Note that in terms of recent prior posts the amygdala is more a zombie program and the insula is associated more with conscious control.

Another interesting point from the 2nd study is that one's political environment can affect one's brain via neuroplasticity. "Simply by living our lives, we change our brains. Our political affiliations, and the lifestyles that go along with them, probably condition many such changes." In that light see this recent study on how meditation has been shown to increase gyrification is certain brains areas, including the insula.

"The insula has been suggested to function as a hub for autonomic, affective and cognitive integration," said Luders. "Meditators are known to be masters in introspection and awareness as well as emotional control and self-regulation, so the findings make sense that the longer someone has meditated, the higher the degree of folding in the insula."

Self regulation and integration. Huh. Sounds consistent with recent posts on the neuroscience of meditation and conscious deliberation. I wonder how many people that meditate for any length of time are Republican? See this study for that one. Conclusion: "Apparently, the meditation made people feel more connected and inclusive and thus reduced their conservative attitudes." Also see this article, that applies the mediation research to conservative personality disorder.

Yeah, that was pretty cool - that guardian kitty opened up a serious can of whoop-ass.

The above documentary on the Kochs was released today. Please follow the link to view it and donate if you can afford it. Also please pass along the film to as many people as possible in all your social networks. Everyone needs to know how our democracy is being bought and turned into an oligarchy.

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