In this section of the forum, we plan to do a systematic 'deep dive' into the papers and presentations from the recent 2013 Integral Theory Conference.  We will work our way through the papers by starting with the first paper, then the last, then the second paper, then the second-to-last, and so on, converging towards the middle.  All members here are invited to read the papers and to participate in this discussion.  It is my hope that this board, as we develop it over the year with our ongoing discussions of the papers, will provide a good resource and archive for the Integral community.

Copies of the ITC 2013 papers are available for downloading here.

(Once we have several threads going, I will also use this post as a kind of "contents" page, with links to each discussion).

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MetaIntegral has just published a list of all of the award-winning papers from ITC 2013.  Please check them out! 


They have also published a link to a new zip file containing all 71 papers, as well as slides from Sean's and Jordan's presentations.


Lastly, in the email announcement that just went out, they mentioned the review of papers that we have just started here at IPS!  I hope this will inspire others to join us.



Grand idea, Bruce, I'm in!

I can't remember whether I have received the mp3 series I ordered. Did I miss that email? Having all these other versions is waycool, too!!

Slides for the ITC presentations are being archived by Tom Murray on Slideshare.  Slides from only several of the presentations have been uploaded so far but more should be added soon.

Thanks for that info. The official release of the mp3 set of the conference was yesterday (or day before, don't recall which.) A biiiiiig zipfile!!

Oh, good to know; thanks.  I have been meaning to order them.

The site has the presentation papers but not the keynote addresses by Morin and Bhaskar. Where do we find them?

To my knowledge, if they are available at all, the only place they will be available is on the mp3 recordings of the conference proceedings.  I ordered copies of the recordings last week but haven't received them yet.

Will you be able to share those recordings with us?

I'm sure I'm not able to post them online.

Did you get the recordings? I'd be interested in listening to both Morin's and Bhaskar's statements. Even better if there was a transcript somewhere?

I don't think there are transcripts but there are various summaries/descriptions, a good Google search could probably find them. ILRev has commentary by Jonathan Reams, and I am sure at least one of Jeremy Johnson's "official event" blogs on each talk. Probably more sources than that.

Both talks, as you probably heard, were loooooooooonnnnnnggggggg. I suspect since the audios are purchasable, they are officially not shareable.

Hi, I'm relatively new here and I'm interested in the discussions of itc papers but I do not see any anywhere? could people point me in the direction of them so I can see if I've read the papers being discussed?

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