Since this forum will be shutting down shortly I'm thinking of re-starting Open Integral as an alternative integral discussion site. OI was at one time a hotbed of discussion and criticism for all things integral. It can be so again. It's already established and has links from some major sites like Integral World, Integral Options and Heartmind Forum. No need to reinvent the wheel.


I'll re-open OI by allowing others to post initial blogs and discussion can continue in the comments. However I'm not going to allow others admin access to the site, retaining that for myself. If someone wants to post a blog they can email me and I will post it for them with their by-line. Email me if you're interested in posting. And/or come by to add your comments to existing posts. Andy Smith just added a couple of interesting comments to the "embodied challenge" post, one from his new book The Dimensions of Experience. Email:

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That's a nice idea. And maintaining control of primary postings there, you'll also be able to keep it from what this place has sadly degenerated into. I have not been playing an active cultivation role, but it's also the case that most folks posting here now have little to no interest in the actual theme of the forum and are basically just crapping on it in various ways -- in my very subjective, but fully owned, opinion.
It's too bad things haven't worked out here, since I've really enjoyed IPS at Gaia. But I understand your need to step back. I'll miss this place, and you.

OI is bare bones, just plain text and content:no graphics, no vidoes, no pics. And the focus is semi-academic, so only serious posts (and comments) will be accepted. I hope there is some serious interest still out there that wants to continue this inquiry.
Hi, Edward, yes, I'm disappointed, too. I think the Gaia version of this site was a good thing while it lasted. It just seems to me this place has degenerated too much to bother trying to save it. In its present condition, I'm certainly not willing to spend money on it every month, which is what will be required soon. So, I have decided to let this place go. I may start something up elsewhere sometime in the future, if I have the time and energy; and I will definitely visit OI more frequently, if only to stay in touch with you.

All the best,


P.S. Thank you for letting me know about Smith's book. That looks good.
Hi Bruce, Just wanted to confirm to you that I saw this thread, and your intentions. I understand. Never the less, i'm sad. Gaia had some pluses.

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What paths lie ahead for religion and spirituality in the 21st Century? How might the insights of modernity and post-modernity impact and inform humanity's ancient wisdom traditions? How are we to enact, together, new spiritual visions – independently, or within our respective traditions – that can respond adequately to the challenges of our times?

This group is for anyone interested in exploring these questions and tracing out the horizons of an integral post-metaphysical spirituality.

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