Ken Wilber's Spectrum Model: Identifying Alternative Soteriological Perspectives

I came across the attached essay today and thought it was worth sharing here.


I'll copy and paste the introduction, and the rest can be read in the attached PDF file.




Ken Wilber’s Spectrum Model: Identifying Alternative Soteriological Perspectives

Leon Schlamm


I identify two problematic strands of Ken Wilber’s transpersonal theory. First, I

question Wilber’s claim that his spectrum model is supported by the materials of all

the world’s major mystical traditions. I argue that his integral, hierarchical perspective

privileges some traditions but distorts others. Drawing heavily upon Andrew

Rawlinson’s recent, taxonomic study of mystical traditions, which identifies four

authentic routes to spiritual emancipation (Cool Structured, Cool Unstructred, Hot

Structured and Hot Unstructured), I argue that while Wilber’s model, itself Cool (the

source of spiritual liberation lies within oneself) and Structured (developmental,

hierarchical), provides a valuable cartography of transpersonal structures and states of

consciousness, it cannot adequately handle the materials of the alternative, soteriological

paths of Hot traditions (emphasising the numinous, and as other than oneself) and

of Unstructured traditions (affirming that there can be no gradual, or progressive,

spiritual development at all). Second, and more cursorily, I argue that it is Wilber’s

Cool Structured perspective that informs his categorisation of Jung as an elevationist. I try

to demonstrate that Jung’s psychic model of the conjunction of opposites is a Hot

Structured one, which provides an alternative, soteriological path for persons whose

spiritual needs are different from those addressed by Wilber.

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This inquiry seems right up kela's former alley. I hope he has the time and interest to contribute here, as it would me most interesting.
Yes, I hope he does, too. :-)

theurj said:
This inquiry seems right up kela's former alley. I hope he has the time and interest to contribute here, as it would me most interesting.
labour day is here. (yes, that is a "u" in "labour.") fall is arriving. time to settle in.
i'll find the time. :-)

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