There was a livestreaming conversation between Terry Patten and Ken Wilber today.  You can view an archive of it here.



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My first thought was one of compassion for how old and ill he seems. Then he opened his mouth and said everyone in the room was not only the leading edge of evolution in humanity but in the cosmos. Jesus H. Fucking Christ. He's right that their friends start running when they see them coming. Not because they're super evolved though; they're religious fanatics. It's all rehash and frankly not at all interesting anymore.

I reacted to, and commented (elsewhere), on that exact same remark.  Anywhere you hold up your finger towards the sky, your fingernail will obscure one million galaxies, each with 50 to 100 billion stars.  Really, what's the likelihood that humanity is the "leading edge" of all development in the entire universe? 

As for his health, yes, I feel for him as well; and of course I was also happy to see him received with lots of love and warmth from everyone there.

I misnamed this thread, though; I saw him sit down with Terry and thought they would be talking together.

More like, as usual, Ken Wilber in monologue.

Here's Visser's take on the video.

hey i really liked this video

it shows that they  (integral central) finally hit the very real problems that have been hiding behind all that pep talk

its the : HOW

exactly : how ? indeed.

its a pity ken keeps ignoring that the HOW has been invented already more then 2000 years ago : )

just not in the western hemisphere.

AND  its still available nice and fresh and now more then ever and never so easily as well.

tskk , what to say to those who ignore the obvious.


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