ITC 2010 begins in two days -- actually, it begins tomorrow, for those attending pre-conference workshops -- and I understand that William Harryman will be the official blogger for the event.  If you're interested, you can follow his reporting on the event at Integral Options Café.


If I have time, I'll also post some of my own notes from the conference here on this thread.


Will any of the other members of this forum be attending the event? 


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I am here and will be attending Brian Robertson's Holocracy Pre-Conf workshop in the morning.
The excitement is palpable {;-)
The conference has been great so far. I've attended some enjoyable and impressive presentations, and have enjoyed meeting a few new people.

My own presentation went pretty smoothly, with a few people I know in attendance (thanks, Mary, Patrick, and Geert!), and a number of people I wasn't familiar with.

I may give a fuller report when I get back from my retreat, for which I am leaving later this afternoon. I'll be away for the next five days, so this place will be without a moderator. Try to hold the fort down, y'all, while I'm gone!

All the best,

Professor Balder's presentation was awesome, y'all!
Yeah, I bet. I wish I would have seen it.

Mary W. said:
Professor Balder's presentation was awesome, y'all!
It was a wondefull presentation! I wish it had been longer. I enormously benefitted from it.

I really appreciated this ITC. Meeting all those exciting people felt like being at home.

You can read all the ITC papers at this link.
Hi, Edward, thank you for the links. So you and other members know, I had also provided that link in this thread, since I think a number of the papers would make for good topics of discussion here. You might have been in the midst of your move when I posted that.

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