It is with much ado that I change the name of my blog to “integral postmetaphysical enaction” but will keep the same address. The term nonduality is too limited and too attached to certain metaphysical schools of philosophy and religion. Yes, I can recontextualize the term, make it mean whatever I want, but the weight of its historical association is more than my miniscule influence can overcome. On the other hand the term enaction is within the historical context of recent developments in cognitive science yet applicable to all methodologies across the spectrum. Plus it specifically denotes the kind of nonduality in which I'm interested through continuity, both within an individual and between an individual with others and the environment. In AQALese, the integrated and inseparable relations between the one and the many, the inside and the outside. And all within a postmetaphysical, developmental trajectory that dynamically enacts a worldspace, not discovers a universal, given world. It also demonstrates the relation of action and theory, for it is my hope to inspire action in those who read these theoretical ramblings.


By the way, I did an internet search on those terms in  parentheses and again it is currently the only link on the web, another first.


Here is a good working definition of enaction from Enaction School 2010:


“The term enactive is used to identify a way of thinking about, and a set of methodologies for conducting, cognitive science. This approach to describing, explaining and investigating the mind emphasises the valued, meaningful interaction between a living agent and its environment. It emphasises the continuity between the basic processes of living (e.g. metabolism) and cognition. It recognises the autonomy of living systems and the way in which meaning, thought and experience emerge within the dynamic, skilful activity of the agent - the enaction of meaning, thought and experience.


“Standing in contrast to much of mainstream thinking within Cognitive Science, the enactive approach challenges many of the basic assumptions of extant theory. The body (including but not limited to the brain) is considered to have an integral role in the processes of the mind. Cognitive processes are seen as the means by which an agent adapts their behavior so as to maintain their values (in the simplest case, biological values such as continued existence but in more complex cases, social and cultural values come into play). The nature of such processes is considered to be dynamic and adaptive, rather than a set of structures that are universal and modular in character.”

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I like the change, Edward.  I used a similar combination of words in my Kingdom Come paper, talking about an integral, post-metaphysical, enactive spirituality.  Your project here is broader than 'spirituality,' though, so making 'enaction' the central theme seems very appropriate.  I also find the rhyming of 'enaction' with 'in action' suggestive and inviting.
Thanks. I had the rhyme in mind when choosing it.

Last month saw the highest traffic at my blog, going over 1000 page views per month for the first time. The last highest viewing month was March at 600. Before March the majority of readers were from the US, but France has been creeping up all along. In March though readers from France were slightly outnumbering those from the US, and last month it was over 2 to 1 France to US, with the later number going down while the former went up significantly.

To what do I attribute this change in readership? In both March and last month I had many more posts on political matters and far fewer on strictly "integral" topics. It seems the early readership in the blog was mostly US integralites of one sort or another. But the more I go political the more France and other countries* start to read. And while they're at the site reading the political posts they tend to look around and read some of the other, more "integral" related posts. It seems broadening my horizon is introducing these ideas to a wider audience? I'm also guessing that my focus on Derrida and deconstruction might have something to do with it, since France is after all the genesis of his birth and work.

On the other hand the US readership, those more hungry for strictly "integral" (meaning kennilingus-based) ideas seem to be declining. But that's ok, since that is no longer my focus. I'm expanding into new horizons and it's time for new ideas and audiences. I am grateful that at least some folks are interested in what I do. Hopefully that will continue to be of some interest to those who drop by. Thank you for sharing some of your time in my little world.

*In the past week there were almost as many readers from Iran as the US.

Very interesting.  Way to go, Theurj.


Interestingly, we've been getting a number of applications to IPS from the Middle East and Africa.  I've admitted some of the members (but they don't seem to be posting).  But others I have declined.  For instance, I found two identical profiles to those that were listed on international dating sites -- you know, the sites where they try to hook you up with a "foreign" girl looking for the Western man of her dreams...  LOL.

Financial reform bill hit by truck, life support failing. In the humorous clip another image Jon Stewart uses is repeated and raw anal rape. Get out the Vaseline.
Bill Maher makes fun of closet socialists who cannot admit their love of government so project hate upon it.

I decided to move this thread to a post in this thread where it belongs and eliminate the former thread.




There is no budget crisis. For details see this fine blog post by one of my associates (alter ego).




Great blog post, Edward. I've been thinking lately how this "debt-ceiling crisis" is such a fabricated monster, and watching with frustration and anger as conservatives insist that the only way out of it is to put the poor, old, sick, jobless, and vulnerable on the chopping block. I'm utterly sick of it. We should tax the wealthy already and get to working on things that really matter.

I got this petition request from CREDO Action today, and signed it, FWIW:

The U.S. stands on the brink of default and the political system is broken, captured by interests opposed to the health of the economy. Fortunately, there is an emergency escape route if Mr. Obama will simply embrace it.

Section 4 of the 14th Amendment says: "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law...shall not be questioned."

Yet that is precisely what will happen should we default on our debt.

As the clock ticks down to a possible default or a solution that damages the economy, it's time for President Obama to exert presidential leadership that serves the public interest.

Rather than pandering to House Republicans and the false premise that cutting social spending by trillions of dollars will create jobs, President Obama needs to rise above the political posturing and use his constitutional authority to end the default crisis.

Tell President Obama: Invoke the 14th Amendment and stop the contrived debt crisis.

We are not advocates of unlimited executive power. We saw how that turned out under George W. Bush. But there are times when, for the good of the nation, presidents must do something extraordinary. In this case, Congress, which has repeatedly increased the debt ceiling under all prior presidents, is calling the constitutional question. President Obama cannot allow this to result in default or in endless austerity.


Thanks Mary, it makes me sick too. Obama might just have to invoke the 14th to raise the debt ceiling without all the bullshit. That is, if he has the balls...I mean audacity, which I often doubt about him.




Why are Americans mad? Bernie Sanders is right, as usual.
Surrender on the debt ceiling. So much for testosterone.
Both parties stink of corruption, to me.  We're screwed.
Compromise is the goal? Fuck that. Olbermann on the sellout.

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