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Why We Desperately Need an Integral Islam, by Amir Ahmad Nasr

The Child of a Fragmented World Gone Slightly Mad

It was sometime around early 2009, and to most of my friends, I was a cheerful happy guy, but what they didn’t know is that deep inside, I had never felt more mentally and emotionally tormented.

In just two short years, growing up religiously dogmatic in childhood up to the late 90’s had given way to a new reality in which my relationship with Islam was in shambles.

Blogging and the open vastness of the Internet had a lot to do with it.

From war-torn Sudan to oil-rich Qatar, I had experienced living in traditional, religious, and conservative societies that honored their tribal roots and heritage.

We enjoyed the fruits of modernity–cars, communication technology, and medical drugs–but most of us didn’t necessarily embody it as a worldview. In many ways, our tribal, traditional and modern identities were in tension and lacking in harmony and reconciliation, let alone deep coherent integration.

It got a lot worse when my family moved to Malaysia in 1997 and I got enrolled into a British international school with a liberal and Westernized environment. I was almost 11 years old.

For my parents, the move had its challenges for sure. For my siblings and I, the cultural and linguistic ordeals we confronted were on a whole other level.

All of a sudden modernity and post-modernity came crashing on us, and challenged our identities and worldview in ways that we were not prepared for.

They challenged a worldview I had inherited but never really critically conceptualized on my own. A worldview that wasn’t truly mine throughout a short unexamined life that hadn’t gotten thoroughly examined until much later.

The result should have been obviously predicable: distress, confusion, and anxiety. Then puberty hit, and boy oh boy was that fun. I am of course being sarcastic.

So I did what I could do: repress, ignore and continue as if nothing worthy of resolution was really going on.

That is until I accidentally stumbled upon the liberal Arab blogosphere in early 2006. Continuing to sweep doubt under the rug seized to be an option. Heck, the rug disappeared, and now I had to confront the persistent question marks head on.

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sorry to bore you guys with yet another article (but i think this is a burning issue for the entire world nowadays )that brings the actual problem quite well

to its possible least as next step. its of course an illusionary hope that it will be applied,

but less will be not enough now.,7340,L-4383843,00.html

 and here we have, a little known,  historic fact which shows though

why humanity ,especially green meme informed levels,ought to be very careful

with the religion in question here and i so far have seen little in this discussion that

reflects the depth of concern needed here. so here we have the story of the  handschar division. maybe you already know these facts but they are quite well presented and researched here . or this might be news to you
, in any case i deem it extremely relevant information.

especially in the light that islam is getting more and more traction in german society.

you see theurij you do not seem to realize that islam has a long and very well documented history.

it is not existing in a theoritical head space. just like any animal is (or can be) judged by its looks and by its deeds : same here ! we all know the story of the frog and the scorpion,  i hope

watch especially the mufti of jerusalem, as he takes the parade.

he was an important figure in the islamic world.not just any insignificant nobody.

now of course you could say : those times were different times and what about japan as nazi allies

  and the zen samurai atrocities?

good question ,we can look at it separatly if you like.probably you already have some archive where you looked into that....: )

Yes, I have archives and archives. In fact, I am The Archivist from Cloud Atlas! Among many other things...

well then all of this is not news for you.

maybe you should have a look at istambul ,(thats in turkey ) right now !!

to see what is really going down here.

this is the beginning of civil war in turkey and that will have a lot of effects

on the rest of europe

turkey borders syria and iran . also in iran there is a new government which seems more positive. but

obama is given weapons now to the worst muslim fanatics in syria,(using doubleyou bushes  irak excuse : )),  the sunni jihad rebels , they will kill all christians ,if they win against assad , and of course they will kill also all the alevites .

so obama , who was the idiot who gave that meta idiot the peace nobel price ???

so since you are " a know it all" ,you better come up with some solutions.

 maybe you wonder why i get so heated up about ...turkey ,istanbul.

well in germany most of our moslems are turkish originally and still feel turkish, it seems forever, and they are

all erdogan fans. he is what the moslembrother are to egypt for turkey . BUT , and this is the point, the mass media (that means all media in germany with the exception of a few blogs,) in their green meme "wisdom" have ignored that erdogan has destroyed the liberal secular turkey that ataturk created. now , right now, in istambul, but also in the rest of turkey, the liberal modern turks have started the revolt and erdogan is responding with brutality ( i mean he is a real muslim after all) trying to quench it and all the people erdogan is now bludgening with his police are really the modern turks the massmedia have always paraded as the real turks, also in germany, which of course was total lie . so now they are ....perplexed , their own lie has walked into the wall of truth,and it looks as if they themselves had believed their own lies as well : )). erdogan is not and never was, the moderate nice moslem ,HE is really the same brutal totalitarean moslem that all real moslems are ,he just had adopted a taquiya face for a few years. and the german massmedia  are ....

very perplexed .

how can this be ,they ask with wringing hands ,our  favourite moderate moslem leader proves to be a real hound of war , a real dictatur. and for all the world to see. and we all know here in germany at least 90% of the germanturks support erdogan ....: ))))

so this might act as the momen t of truth for a lot of germans any case it will become more and more difficult for the green meme dominated massmedia to keep lying .......first the northafrican jasmin revolution ended in islamist take overs in tunesia and lybia,(integral´ s salzman ended with a lot of egg in his face there) then the egyptian desaster ,where the moslembrothers took power, then the syria war where the noble freedomfighters : )) (thats how the media called them first ) were outed as just fanatic jihad islamist commiting one massacre against kuffar after another (only obama hasnt noticed that yet) and now the good and benevolent erdogan proves to be a rather mean islamic asshole as well tsk tsk tsk i really feel sorry for all those green meme journalist, it is getting harder and harder by the minute to keep spinning those "islam is peace" lies

i know you guys dont care much about this in your nice elfenbein tower over there, 

it is cosy in californian or canadian academic campuses,  i know

but if you care to take out a map,  then you can see : in europe , these theaters are all very very close together, far to close for the comfort of sweet lies to have much effect anymore.

by the way sloterdijk , who is very aware of this problem, lost his philosophical tv show because he

started to be too political incorrect regarding the european moslem question, asking the right questions and inviting the right people in his talks, talking real sense.

then the tv boss changed (this is state tv so the political parties have a lot of influence  in the personality questions  ) and  his new boss, who happens to be a german convert : )),

first thing he did in office is to terminate sloterdijks show!




and we could still open up another can of worms

anybody interested in integral islam should look towards events happening in

turkey right now.there he can see real islam in action !

especially the crazy speech of prime minister erdogan gave  today held

in front of 1 million of his muslim follower , brought in with buses from all over ,

to demonstrate erdogans power,

speaks loud and clear  .


turkey is now on the brink of a bloody civil war between more secular educated turks and erdogans simple

muslim masses. erdogans action already have destroyed a lot of the green meme cobwebs spun by  europeans naive or lying elite for many observers.especially the german media dudes seem really shocked, it seems they really believed their own lies : ))

the leader of the german green party, claudia roth, got even tear gassed by the turkish police , she was on the scene there as a support and now , well now she who was and is one of the leading islam relativizers since years got a real good lesson from her peaceful friends.

so now all those

who always depicted him (erdogan) as a moderate peaceful democratic leader example of how islam is integratable into modernity,

sit on their behinds , shell shocked. good for them.

real islam experts always knew that that picture was false, they saw what erdogan was doing and that he is /was an islamic wolf in a democratic sheepskin.

NOW he has dropped the mask for all to see: so you should look at naked islam!

then you can tell me how you gonna integralite this level of insanity.

here is an article about  erdogan´s hatespeech in the spon , spiegel on line, the biggest most

important green meme mainstream journal germany´s

In the recent Buddhism / Islam news ...


Terrorism in Myanmar

i am aware of that story

and the green meme press is trying to make buddhism look bad

and the moslems are just the usual (so they can then blame all religions as warmongers and have not to answer questions about their usual silence about islamic atrocities)

poor innocent victims.

if you dig deeper into this trouble you find that it is, as usual, the exact opposite.

the muslims invade myanmar , spill over from bangla desh and started the violence.

the only difference to other places (like thailand and indonesia for example)

is that this lone buddhist monk decided that enough is enough.

and rightly so.

old problem no new solutions either so far

i was refering to this 2012 upflare of this very old problem :

then  a muslim raped and killed  a buddhists woman and that action sparked some serious riots.

and then it continued tit for tat ...... just like the balkan troubles after communism collapsed in the 90 ts

then the main stream stupids green memers blamed the christian serbs , now they blame  buddhists

but never ever it has anything to do with islam no no no no......

whereas in fact the only thing these events show

 is  that where ever there is islam : terror and murder isn´t far behind

its the one sure manifestation of that "religion". from its beginnings in medina till now:

where ever there is islam

there is mayhem and murder

anywhere and anytime.

or do you see this differently ?

this is , how could it be any different, the islamic response

here a few notices about the same conflict , different ethniticity , in this case thailand:

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