What? There's only one discussion going on in the Pub?

That's definitely not enough. Barman! Another drink for me and the boys!

In the meantime I'll choose a song from the Jukebox:


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I recently heard this band and song for the first time. I didn't like the guitar intro, as it reminded me of the kind of soft pop rock sound of the late 60s. But then the singer opened her mouth and I was hooked. She has this 50s bohemian beat sound, styled a bit like Edie Brickell. Then the back-up vocal kicked in nicely. And the bass player warmed up with some nice riffs.

According to wikipedia Lake Street Dive's sound is jazz and soul, with influences of The Beatles, The Drifters, The Momas and the Papas, Fleetwood Mac and The Jackson Five. Their home page is here, where one can learn about their new album. The title song is below.

Nice.  Yeah, I can hear those influences - maybe a little CCR, too.

On a different note, here are some Irish party jams for St. Patty's Day...

With this second one in honor of Holi, too...

On a pub-related news note, Heineken and Sam Adams are both boycotting the Boston and New York St. Paddie's parade because of the parade's anti-gay policy. Actually parade organizers say they are not ant-gay per se, and gays can participate, they just can't self-identify as gay. I imagine they can though self-identify as Irish.

Seriously?  That's a shame.

The NY mayor is also boycotting his city's parade.

So the regressives think openly gay pride should not be allowed because this is after all a Catholic holiday.* As if there aren't any gay priests? Or there isn't a history of priests sexually abusing young boys? The latter is probably in large part due to the religious dogma about homosexual behavior. If the religion (Roman Catholicism) allowed homosexuality then their priests, not having to repress and hide their proclivities, would likely have healthy homosexual relations and partners. But the regressives simply cannot admit that there is any health involved with homosexuality; it's a crime against God, damn it!

Note that not all Roman Catholics buy this crap (e.g. Colbert). But accepting homosexuality is not the official policy of their church.

* Also note that the regressives used the same arguments in their openly anti-gay bills recently proposed in many states under the guise of 'religious freedom.' And which laws are dropping like flies due to their openly discriminatory policy.

(I played the Lake Street Dive song again and my wife busted out in a dance.  I listen to lots of world or alternative music, but she really loves soul and R&B.)

See this link for more pictures like the below of the Nasir al-Mulk mosque. Just the architecture, the windows, the light are enough to induce altered states. While I highly value such states I strongly question that they have anything to do with (any) god/dess. Still, awe-inspiring.

Also see this YouTube video on the mosque with music. It gets quite psychedelic when focused on the ceiling.

Quite a lovely generative (en)closure....

See this prior post on St. Paddy parade boycotts. Guinness will boycott the NY parade for the same reason. They will not tolerate discrimination and exclusion, especially given the history of anti-Irish exclusion and prejudice. Bravo to these brave souls standing up for equal rights and against religious bigotry and intolerance.

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