What? There's only one discussion going on in the Pub?

That's definitely not enough. Barman! Another drink for me and the boys!

In the meantime I'll choose a song from the Jukebox:


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Hi Mary, yes I love that song by Janelle. I was a bit disappointed by the album though. I think she is still growing as an artist. I'll be following her outputs fo sure in order not to miss any gems along the way.


I'd have loved to post my favorite Nirvana song "In Bloom" because I think its a timeless beauty and i love the drums by Dave Grohl. Unfortunately the song is protected by Sony UMG Warner copyright. This most def would have pissed of Kurt. A LOT. So instead here's the shitty No-Video version of it. If you own the Vinyl, put it on your player and drop the needle, it's far better than this BS Internet Youtube crap.


In BLOOM = Joyce allusion (Kurt loved word play) = EWIGE BLUMENKRAFT = Anti-Hippie Discordian Freak Out Unit


2.) I generously offer you my favorite punk song of the last decade, Sorry to keep you waiting by the Methadones. God I love this song. Pure Perfection. 10/10 points. Can't do better than that.


c) DEATH TO ALL FANATICS : 'Turbonegro must be destroyed' by Turbonegro. Future generations will sing this song along, to honor its genius. Quote me on that.



A song to accompany a certain version of Rapture:

Kundalini Express

Got me in some mood for some Hindu rock.


On the Indian theme, I like this song, Jai Ho, from the excellent movie Slumdog Millionaire. It's the contemporary style know as Bollywood. Here's a dance from this genre featured in the show So You Think You Can Dance. And another one done to the song Jai Ho.

I've seen a few Bollywood movies and musicals straight through (and many more in part, since my wife and her sister occasionally watch them and I catch glimpses of them).  Two that stand out for me are Lagaan and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (both had good music and dynamic dance scenes).  I saw the latter years ago, while I was living in Varanasi.

Another drink for me, barman! Time to relax and watch those females go all sweaty on the dancefloor:

Snoop Dogg vs. David Guetta


In case the uncensored video is not working,herethe lame-ass censored version.


This one by Adele is quite popular with the female dancers on the west coast swing circuit. Adele is quite talented and soulful.

Powerful voice, that Adele!

Here's some quirky talent and a fun musical romp: Pomplamoose's cover of a Beyonce hit.

Bartender, pour another round.  Let's raise a toast to the Gnawa World Order.


R.I.P. Amy Winehouse, soulful voice. :(


(embedding not allowed, for some reason).

3rd person drunk objectivity - that's the way it is baby


That's just a mess.

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