What? There's only one discussion going on in the Pub?

That's definitely not enough. Barman! Another drink for me and the boys!

In the meantime I'll choose a song from the Jukebox:


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So I'm guessing by some pop culture references this is a parody involving the Hobbit movies? I haven't seen them except for the most recent one, having avoided them until now.

Yeah, a parody.  He's using the voice of Gollum from Peter Jackson's version of The Lord of the Rings (and The Hobbit), changing some of the words from Miley Cyrus' song to match themes found mostly in LOTR.

(I enjoyed the LOTR movies and the two Hobbit films have also been fun [though more serious and intense than the original Hobbit book was, which some people have objected to -- but I don't mind Jackson's effort to make the story more continuous with the darker LOTR series]).


One of the hazards of Adjacency.... 

This golden oldie popped into my head this morning via association. The below version is the one I was familiar with in my youth. It was a cover from the original version by the Drifters. Lou Reed also covers it, turning it into a country two-step beat.


On a very different note:

At first it's funny. It stays funny but he's really quite good at interpreting the music with his face.

Yeah, I agree -- that's some real talent!

The real makers and takers.

The Slot article Balder linked used the word 'wondrous' in connection with ecstatic, aesthetic states. I don't hear or read that word used much these days, so it reminded me of one instance where it is not only used but also induces for me such a state, as follows:

Beautiful and wondrous indeed.  Here is some more aesthetic wonder...

B E A U T Y - dir. Rino Stefano Tagliafierro from Rino Stefano Tagliafierro on Vimeo.

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