What? There's only one discussion going on in the Pub?

That's definitely not enough. Barman! Another drink for me and the boys!

In the meantime I'll choose a song from the Jukebox:


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And while I'm at it...

Described as UK's "best band you've never heard of" -- eaststrikewest

For all you 'human resource' people (aka social engineers):

In this previous post I embedded London Grammar. It was a more raw live performance. This video of Strong is much more engineered and polished, slick and touching.

Very lovely song.

Here's a nice instrumental I found today -- sort of a jazz gamelan with some rock rhythms towards the end.

I couldn't sleep and was channel surfing and found a performance by Amy Schumer. Here's just a couple of minutes of that routine.

Kacey Musgraves wins some Grammys. And well deserved. Best country album and best country single. Her winning song below.

And no surprise, best song of the year. One interpretation of the meaning here. Another one here.

Since Daft Punk won record of the year at the Grammy's I'm reminded of Colbert's hilarious dance to it, below.

An old recording of a song I wrote when I was in a band (The Dog Soldiers) back in the '80s.  Lyrics below.

Walk in Beauty
Something’s moving in the mountains

Something’s moving in the water off the shore
Something bursts like feathers
In the rising of the sun

Something swung the sun above us
Something struck the flash of angels in our hands
Leap and dance for the great joy
Kiss the Earth for what she holds

Love, love, love, love
Walk in beauty (3 x)
With your arms wide open
This is holy ground

Heaven’s moving in the mountains
Heaven’s rushing in the rivers of your face
I love you for the love within you
Your love hangs like lanterns from your hands

Love, love, love, love
Walk in beauty (3 x)
With your arms wide open
This is holy ground

I will dance with the stars
I will leap like lightning
I will whirl like water
Raining down upon the stone

Rain down, rain down.

Love, love, love, love
Walk in beauty (3 x)
With your arms wide open
This is holy ground

From every corner, walk in beauty
Through every season, walk in beauty
On every limb, walk in beauty
With all that lives, walk in beauty

As I feel the sun, walk in beauty
As I touch the ground, walk in beauty
As I breathe the air, walk in beauty
As I drink the rain, walk in beauty

And one more Dog Soldiers song (a revised version that I had thought was long lost):

I couldn't resist this one.

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