What? There's only one discussion going on in the Pub?

That's definitely not enough. Barman! Another drink for me and the boys!

In the meantime I'll choose a song from the Jukebox:


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Something new and different: Second Song -- TV on the Radio

Every lover on a mission shift your known position into the light
Every diamond elemental you are instrumental to the light
Every sonic evolution make your contribution to the light
Every glorious disaster every bond is gonna bring you faster out into the light
Nice one, Ed.  I'd heard of this group before but had never listened to them.  Interesting words.
Panic Switch -- Silversun Pickups

Entertaining spoof. Where my grilles at?

An oldie but goodie form one of my fav bands, Cake: Never There.

We've been talking about mystical union experiences lately in another thread, so this one by Yes, Close to the Edge (part one and part two), has always and to this day transported me into such a state. Note part one fades in so don't turn it up too loud. I also like how part one starts with organized 'noise' before it gets to the 'music,' a real brain opener. Emerson, Lake & Palmer also used that technique a lot.

Jimmy Fallon's funny satire, Teebowie.

I found this cool adult album alternative station in Los Angeles, www.rock.fm. Tonight I enjoyed something new for me, "Closer to the sun" by Slightly Stoopid. The lyrics not so much, and the chord progression is simple and repetitious (except when done in a higher octave as an alternative), but the fingerpicking did something for me.

I'll check out the radio station when I get home.  I also am not very familiar with Slightly Stoopid, but I recall hearing a song by them that I really enjoyed a few months ago.  I think I discovered them on the Comcast On Demand service -- which has, surprisingly, been a good place for me to discover some good alternative acts.  (I think Yeasayer and Mew are two others I learned about there).

I like her "boyfriend" in this Yeasayer video, "Madder Red."

Hahaha,  yes, I saw that the other day!  Love knows no boundaries, I guess.  Reminds me of the Animal Collective video ("Peacebone") where the beautiful woman goes on a picnic and gets romantic with a nasty, insectoid alien...

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