For this Holi weekend, I made a new song to celebrate.  It's my second attempt at a more danceable tune.

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It got me swaying, bobbing my head and whistling along.

Nice - I'm glad!  Listening to it again today, I see I need to do a little more mixing work to smoothe out some of the volume transitions.

Hi Bruce, Was that last picture of you? ;} This is a skirt twirler for sure - wonderful!

Have you ever created anything dark? I'd like to hear that...



Haha, skirt twirler!  I like that (especially for a gopi mela)...

I have a few songs and videos with darker sounds or themes.  Here are two:

Now you're singing to the Dark Heart - Perfect. Those unbroken resonances give me head-rushes. I once hosted a homeless street busker who played the didgeridoo and several other instruments simultaneously, and late one night as he was doing breathing exercises, the bed and room began to spin so violently, I felt I would vomit...I had to ask him to stop. Did I hear the didgeridoo in the background of the first song? Loved that one!

Balder said:

Haha, skirt twirler!  I like that (especially for a gopi mela)...

I have a few songs and videos with darker sounds or themes.  Here are two:

I think I screwed up posting that one!

There's a low guttural chant that I used in the background of most of that first one, but it's close to a didgeridoo -- which I love.  The deep, low drones transport me as well.  The flute I used in this one is a bamboo pelog flute from Java; the breathy sound of it reminds me of the dark jungle nights there, thick with magic and menace.

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