Because laughter is good medicine:

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For nostalgia's sake --

Hahaha, that's awesome!

Very funny, especially Palin kicking their asses with her badonkadonk. But it gets at what I'm saying about the debate. Dance is at least partly (largely?) about expressing emotional content through physical attitude. If Obama would approach the debates as a dance off like this he'd do so much better, since he has the 'technique' (language and facts) down.

I used the 2nd video in my blog today. What amazes me is that his debate performance has actually and drastically changed the polls. Obama was up by 8 points before and is now down by 4 in the Pew poll. I agree with Bill Maher that if one is turned around so easily, especially by lies, then they are idiots, plain and simple.

While I like the big bird commercial I hear that Sesame Street has asked for it to be taken down.

The pre-abortion ultrasound commercial is funny. Don't get fucked by that thing; vote for Obama!


That's exactly what I heard too during the debate...

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