Eulogizing Nataniel Branden, an ex fan of Rand, I am amazed by that bizarre  connection to someone who claimed that the european colonists had the right to take the land from the natives americans, or the israelo-arab ar was a war of "civilized" against "savages", and a declared homophobic creep.

What´s next?



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I agree that this is an unusual "connection."  Ken does say that he finds himself at opposite ends of the spectrum from Branden on a number of issues, so I don't think he's explicitly endorsing his perspectives -- and I certainly don't think he would support his homophobia -- but I still think there's something possible worth exploring here, in terms of possible shadow linkages, perhaps in the area of Objectivism's individualism and the arguable primacy of the UL in Integral thought.

Hi Balder

Yes I agree with you, this is not my representation of Kenny, I was really surprised to read that stuff on Integral Life. Some years ago I was in contact with Ray Harris, the australian writer. I interpreted his opposition to Wilber in political matters as unresolved unconscious conflcits with some inner father imago. But a cigar is sometimes a cigar.

Kw´s endorsement of the war in Irak, the essay is on the KW welcome site, based on some rather fuckup interpretation of the Gita, was really a mess I believe. Being integral doesn´t mean compromising with the other structure to the point of giving up once autonomy. On the Irak war, reading Habermas was to me a much more integral a reflexion on constructive politics that this Kenny´s divagation.

Sometimes I think that some of his take on the Vietnam war protesters (the boomeritis stuff) has something to with unresolved narcissistic idealisation of his father, an airforce officer. After all being raised by an army officer of  a "powerful nation" always leave some sorts of tracks behind with ambivalent feelings around authority image. Kenny never discussed his own  psychoanalytical sessions -  in case he did which I doubt-, as far as I know.




I still have to read Rand's 'Atlas shrugged'. A discordian friend of mine did, and was quite impressed by it. I hear it's brilliant in its handling of the protagonists and overall coherence. Except that it promotes liberal capitalism as medicine for the world, and praises money as the end-all of every one of our problems.


Kenny a homophobe? Far from it. ahaha. The Umberella-Ella-Ella-Eh-Eh of Integral Enterprises is big enough for gays, lesbians, homophobes, and all that other scum that crawls on earth. This is exactly why Integral is so meaningless nowadays.


His psychoanalytic development line also has had opportunity for growth, methinks. He sure has a father topic (who hasn't). But what he did with his girl friend Marcy comes dangerously close to crossing the Incest line. He sure was BIG TIME when he gave her over to his Gang Bang Mate Stu Davis. It sure knocked out some synaptic circuits in Davis' head space.


But I digress...

a discrodian was impressed by ayn rand? fuck. kids these days can't tell spiritual anarchism from right wing libertarianism. oh well. i can believe though that nebraska boy kenny may have had a hard on for ayn rand. hahahahaha.

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