I recently received a security warning when trying to access this forum from my work computer, indicating that I was not permitted to access the site because it was detected as a possible "botnet command and control center." 

I have recently admitted a number of new members, the majority of whom have not posted at all or set up their profiles or shown other "member-like" activity.  I am posting this notification to let new, or long-inactive members know that I will be deleting profiles in the interest of stopping the source of the spambot traffic here, unless you check in with me to let you know you are interested in remaining a member and set up a profile for yourself.

(This message does not apply to known mostly-lurkers such as Mary, Davidu, Kerry, Lol, Patrick, etc, so don't worry about responding to this if you know me personally and we have talked before.)

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Hey Bruce, I can help you spot potential spammers, have a lot of experience on my own networks around that.

It is HIGHLY unlikely any Ning network is any kind of bot source. Ning itself has screens in place around that. Bots cannot "join" any Ning network. You might want to "submit a ticket" to Ning telling them your situation and see what they say.



I was thinking the same thing, that it's likely your paranoid work IT system that gave a false alarm rather than ning being the cause. Fricken workplaces are so frightened that we will take a moment or two to refresh ourselves during the day with internet communication, which will of course lead to "unproductivity," meaning not making the total maximum output for our capital owners' profit. What they don't get, cannot get from that frame, is that these refreshing breaks actually make us better producers at the bottom line, and that their own meme actually makes us less productive due to our resentment with paranoid projections; we just don't give a fuck about them or their bottom line when they behave that way.
Thanks, OM and theurj, for your feedback.  I am curious why this message is suddenly appearing on my work computer, after over a year with no issues, so I have been looking for any recent activity or changes that would lead to it.  I read in Ning's materials on spam that most bots get deterred by the captcha system for sign-up, but not all.  I've definitely gotten some sign-ups from 'individuals' with what appear to be fake, computer-generated email addresses, but I've usually been able to recognize them and refuse admittance.  In any event, I've put in a "ticket" with Ning and will see what they say.  It may be that I simply won't be able to access this site from work anymore.

TIA if you report what Ning says, Bruce, it will be useful info for me. 

It isn't just the captcha system which deters bots. From something I read recently, I concluded they have even more  invisible systems operating in their own background....

I'm a lurker, not a spammer. 


Really, I promise... :-)

My work computer is no longer giving the message that alarmed me.  Not sure what triggered it, but I'm relieved.  Summers are very slow, and I'd be bummed if I could no longer sign in here during the day.


I haven't suspended any members yet, and I may not.  But I also notice that none of the newly joined members have responded here or contacted me...

Well we're happy to provide entertainment for your slow summer days, Bruce!! LMAO!!!! (Just glad for you, and glad the message has stopped!!)

Summer can't be tooooo slow, I'm sure you have lots to keep you busy!

Hugs, OM

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