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Tom, I think there may be a pretty reasonable explanation for the first one at least - this form the comments section of your report apparently from a resident of the town:

"This report is grossly inaccurate. Last year, the number was just over 4000 birds, and it was determined fireworks were clearly to blame. This year, it was less than 100 birds, and there was NOT a ban on fireworks until the birds started falling. It is suspected some locals intentionally set off fireworks near a roosting area, causing this to happen again. Authorities quickly issued a ban on fireworks, and it stopped. Those pictures are from last year. Beebe is one of the biggest winter roosting areas in the USA for blackbirds. Hundreds of thousands roost there. People often carry umbrellas in Beebe because of the strong liklihood of being hit with bird droppings. This doesn't happen on July 4th, because the birds are elsewhere in the summer. They are only here in the winter. When they are spooked and take flight at night, they run into things. Scientists are not baffled. It's not the end of the world. It's just rednecks with fireworks and birds with night blindness.

Hey Tom, what do you make of Wilfrid Hartnagel's analysis in "Euro notes with mint sauce Part 2"? Over the last year or so (there was a "Dollar notes without ketchup parts 1-9" series before the current one) I've found his take on things has made for often engrossing, enjoyable reading. 

Tom, looks like March 20th 2012 is the date it could all really start to tumble?


On the weirdness tangent....

Yes, I did some looking around and think a number of those probably are fakes.  But it appears not all of them are.  I came across some news articles and TV station news reports from Canada, for instance, dealing with unexplained noises in the area.

I was wrapped up in my own work this weekend and haven't heard any news.  Was there a demonstration or something? 

Oh...(a little Youtube search)...maybe this!

Here's a link to the Bill Moyer's site:

I just finished watching a documentary with Bill interviewing an ex CEO of Citibank. They made it clear that America in now 100% owned by 1% of the population. This 1% has bought and paid for the political system; they own it! Moreover, they are richer and more powerful now even after their agenda and policies nearly brought America and the world to it's economic knees in 2008. These are the people that are using the iron hammer of austerity which is their code word for the elimination of a social global commons so that they can continue their implementation of complete corrupt corporate control over every aspect of everyones lives! This can't be called anything other than what it is: Financial Fascism. And these Fascist's easily embody Democratic bodies with the proof being Bill Clinton's signing the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. Thanks Bill! You took that page right out of Germany in 1940! Now how Integral was that?

Funny, i just read a short story for school called 'The Lottery', by Shirley Jackson. It describes a community run by the patriarchal elite who every year set up this illusion of a democratic lottery which ironically leads to a ritual stoning. So yes, this situation we are in today is somewhat similar: an elite set up the illusion of democracy but the the ending is some kind of death whether that death be the wiping out of an entire class of society or death to third world countries by the armies of financial imperialism.....

BTW., these same folks have moved the internet copy-right agenda over to Europe after being stymied recently in America. If anything they are relentless......So, if you though SOPA was bad you might want to check out ACTA... Now why would the Hollywood elite want to create an internet based on the values of Fascist Germany?

Yes Thomas, timed to coincide with the re-release of the Hollywood's elite Titanic in 3D! Too funny...

But really, debt isn't the problem, you know that! It's built into the fiat currency system( leaving that system isn't relevant here for the moment) the problem is the disappearance of real goods and services under the current speculation markets. All this does is line enormous amounts of cash into the pockets of a small cabal while turning most everyone else into serfs ( people like Linda McQuaig have been documenting this for years).So instead of creating real economies which can easily service social debt we get this fear mongering lying propaganda from these elite's who are intent on destroying every caring social safety net that any country has built over the last 70 years. It's true that we would need to learn how to create sustainable environmentally aware economies today, but i think that that is achievable with ingenuity and intelligent use of resources. Instead what we have are people who are not able to feel empathy for other people in control of the direction of civilization! This indeed, is a recipe for disaster. It's a similar situation as the white slave owners of the black man. The slave owners were blind and indifferent to their pathology and today the financial elite are blind and indifferent to the 99%. IMO, they are either extreme social Darwinist's or ideologically driven by some invisible occult doctrine.......

Thomas said:

Of course, no one will, so we get another default (well, we get the official recognition of the real default that occurred however many months ago).  Guess who owns mucho Portugese bonds?  Ah, Espagna.  Did you know the decks of the Costa Concordia that sank on that spectacular thrill-ride drive-by were these:

Spagna Deck
Germania Deck
Francia Deck
Portogallo Deck
Irlanda Deck
Gran Bretagna Deck
Italia Deck
Grecia Deck
Belgio Deck
Svezia Deck
Olanda Deck

Is that a bad dream, a synchronicity, or what?  The guy was charged in Italian law for "causing a disaster."  The gods, my god, are speaking to us.

Ah, yes, I liked this.  I posted the video here awhile back.

Interesting.  Thanks -- that looks like a good book to get.

What could possibly be wrong in India?

Those folks are just grumpy because their nation's political system isn't as good as China's. Canada would trade with them if it were...... Viva the totalitarian corporate police state!  It's funny how neoliberal economic policies work best in such a system. It gives whole new meaning to free markets!

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