Hello to the guardians ( I guess that's you Balder),

I'm not sure where to put this, but since there ain't nowhere else...

I'm wanting to post on IPM from my Ipad because 1.Perversely, I actually like typing on a screen, and 2. Rather more significantly, my other half has cracked her laptop screen, and, by mutual agreement, has assumed majority ownership of what used to be my laptop.

Thus far, my experience with IPM and and an Ipad is the same as the last time I tried: none of the formatting tools are available when making a reply. This makes it impossible to do such things as italicise/indent to indicate a quote, or link, etc.

I also just sent a couple of PMs, both of which appeared in my Sent box without any paragraph formatting surviving. This, of course, makes for painful reading. (or, at least, more so than they might otherwise be)

Is there something that either I, or Ning can turn on. I'd be surprised if Ning wasn't Ipad friendly.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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I don't know the answer, Dial, but I will find out.  I'll put in an inquiry at the Ning Creators group (which is where I usually go when I notice a glitch or something).

Thanks Balder, I had a look a while back and couldn't find a solution.

Hi, Dial, I just got a response back from a Ning technician.  This is what he said:

Good point, Bruce. I think that Safari on the iPad won't display the text editing tools. Not sure if we can solve for that immediately if it is a browser issue. However, we are working on a mobile update now, so we'll test this in the new mobile version and see if we can nail down the issue a bit more.


So, it sounds like it might be Safari that is the culprit.  Is that the browser you are using?  I'll let you know what else I hear from him.

I read comments by users on the Creators forum and found a number of people who said their Ning forum worked fairly well for them on iPad.  Some reported issues with Flash incompatibility, however, and the recommendation for that is to use a browser app called Skyfire.

Best wishes,


P.S.  I'd asked the tech at Ning if using a different browser on iPad would help, and he said it might, but he wasn't sure, since he'd only used Safari on his iPad.

Thanks for that Balder. I'll do a bit of experimenting and report back.

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