Yesterday I happened to see the documentary "Graphic Sexual Horror" which was recommended to me by a friend, who is a cinemaniac and a fellow Discordian. I was fascinated and also shocked by its content. Here's the official website:

As you can see, it has received quite a lot of prizes. Despite its adult content, the critics seem to like it, even consider it a piece of provocative art.


It's the story of Brent Scott, the founder of the Insex Website, who once saw a japanese Bondage show when he was a soldier. He was so impressed that he tried to bring Bondage to the US, eventually succeeding with his website, providing live streams and Extreme Torture Shows to thousands of paying fans. It's the story of pain, and money, and what human beings, especially women, are willing to do for it. It hurts to watch these scenes, I dare you. These are the outer limits of legal perversion, the avant garde of sexual decadence, at the same time nauseating and highly spiritual. Just look at the face of these women after they are unchained and freed from the cages: their eyes glare with passion and otherwordly bliss. It's extraordinary, really. Technically, no rape is happening here, but at least in some cases, I'm not sure. However, this is extreme stuff, at the brink of Horror and the Seven Circles of Hell. Adults only. Not safe for work.


You can watch it online for free. Just google it.


Here's a review from the Internet Movie Database:


Excellent Provocative work of art

16 February 2009 | by Anonymous

I was not aware of the subject matter before I saw this film. I am a horror fan and collect horror films. Why did I go to see the film at Slamdance? This really should be in any horror fan's collection.Because the horror is real. There are no super villains here, exceptmaybe greed, cowardice, and the desire to control others. People doingthings in this documentary are doing them at their own free will. Letus not go into discussion of what free will is. But no one forced themodels to be forced to orgasm or experience pain. They got paid for ittoo. So anyway, its a very good film.

This is like what would happen if Hannibal Lechtor was not a douche andhe gave an honest interview.

And didn't listen to classical music. Why must all villains listen toclassical music? Evil has a human face. This film is genuinely scarybecause it is true. Like those experiments they did when regular peoplewould torture others when told to do it by authority figures.

This is a good film to see with a date. If she likes it, she'llprobably be fun in bed.

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This is a good film to see with a date. If she likes it, she'll probably be fun in bed.

LOL funny. Can't wait to get home to see this.

This is a good film to see with a date.


Hell Yes. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a girl who likes watching this. In the meantime, I comfort myself with Internet Porn and 80's music videos. cheerio.


Unfortunately only brief scenes are shown at the site and on YouTube. Seems one has to view it at a theatre or buy it to see the entire movie. The write-ups and reviews though sound fascinating, and this is part of what I was talking about in the integral horror thread. Some folks get so high from this sort of madness and it is a repressed, unacknowledged, yet seemingly legitimate path to "liberation," if we are to believe the first-person accounts. Very much akin to the deadly, horrific madness, and liberation, of Colonel Kurtz and his protege.

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