Given the political /activist focus of a number of recent discussions here, and related discussions of birthing a new culture, I thought it might be worthwhile to look at the following paper by Terry Patten (presented at ITC 2013).  In it, he proposes a dialogical approach he calls "integral trans-rhetorical practice."

Enacting an Integral Revolution

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Yes, then, it sounds like you have a loose and full enough understanding around projection. What a big project you have taken on :)

Sri Doge Lee said:

Thank you very much Ambo- I am honored by your reading and your considerate response! 

I'm using projection there in a way very similar to what you're pointing at with NVC-- the methodology I mention briefly in the piece "circling" works with very similar principles, and I see it as a basic (as in foundational) inter-personal practice for just that reason. 

I'm not really saying don't project, but the fulcrum between the 'personal' inter-personal practices and the 'trans-personal' inter-personal practices is a fairly clean place (it has to be, of necessity), so if I am projecting, yes, I am much more likely to catch it and bring it into the open, since the road to that 'clean' place has been the practice of continually surfacing projections and working with them in the open. 

So yeah, let projections arise-- and practice seeing through them. Then there's a place where anything I'm experiencing I'm doing so not through the lens of subject/object, but from a place where what's arising is group material, and I happen to be the 'me-instrument' in that-- the metric of my own individual experience. 

This relates to the 'projecting one's interiors...' comment which I'm totally in agreement about (and which certain practices like Hubl's transparent communication make conscious use of)-- but this is a slightly different use of 'projection' than I intend here. 

Ah yes, and I would further qualify that reading your response Balder-- I hadn't read it yet when I wrote mine-- for example I probably wound't have written the word 'clean' if I'd read your response first. 

I think the core of what I'm getting at is in the line with 'what's arising is group material' -- transparency and non-transparency arise together, so there's more of an exploration into common appearances, experiences and related phenomenon, something which is less possible when we're not aware of the mechanism of projection, and its role in creating the self/other. That last bit is what I mean by 'transparency,' the ability to faithfully communicate what you're experiencing, and the ability to faithfully receive what the other is communicating. 

But neither was this article something I'd gone through with a comb-- I wrote it fairly quickly and excitedly. 

Yes Ambo-- you might say I'm projecting in a pretty major way!

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