may peace return into your hearts devastated by sorrow and anxiety after this immense tragedy.



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Yes, my heart goes out to our friends in Japan.



Thank you xib for starting this thread.


All my Japanese friends are safe thankfully. Social media is of course helping a lot with regard to people keeping in touch, both within and outside of Japan. So sad to see people trying to trace missing family members. Next immediate practical issue for many survivors seems to be food, water, fuel and possibly energy supply rationing.


It's going to take years for the shock and trauma to work its way through.


My heart goes out...... May the power of the music go someway to help at this time:




This is a folk song from Niigata, one of the areas struck by a secondary quake but thankfully not seriously damaged.




PS. Bruce, I was lucky enough to be working with Joji Hirota when he was recording this song and album at Peter Gabriel's studios. He played me an even better demo version of this song in has car a few times.... brings shivers everytime I hear it.

Yes incredible events indeed.


I was shocked to hear this bad news, first the biggest earthquake and then tsunami afterwards, and on top of it the threat of an atomic nuclear meltdown. The TV News says its 10.000s of victims and 200.000 people leaving their homes because of radioactive clouds and radiation.

One of the inhabitants of the threatened areas said in a radio interview that it all feels like a nightmare, a horrible dream, and that he somtimes slaps himself in the face to see if he is awake or not. I was reminded of horror films like "Godzilla" or "2011" , with the difference that this time it's for real.


God bless us all,

Wow, James, what a fortunate opportunity...and interesting coincidence.  That song, and the one that precedes it on 'The Gate,' are such touching pieces of music.  My wife and I were listening to that album in the car today and both crying a little for the situation in Japan (both what has happened, and what we fear may yet happen).

Dukkha is relentless...


Click on picture & drag from right to left.

Recent Wikileaks Cables Leaks show that the Japanese Government knew about the safety problems as early as 2008 but didnt react on it. Also the Company who owns the Fukushima Power Plant seems to have participated in "dishonest practices" and cheating on the safety standards.


It's amazing how many secrets and little known facts about government business and nuclear pwoer plants are being revealed in the last few days. This has been going on all this time before, only now we begin to become aware of it.

The Governments seem to be no better than the corporations involved. There's surprisingly little difference between the two, both in power and powerlessness.


In german TV there is one Extra Special Emission after the next one. I find it interesting that the "Volk" seems to become interested in the topic, the green meme of course finally gets his hear hear, but also Amber, who try to understand what the heck nuclear power really means. There is a popular Science Journalist, Ranga Jogishwar, who keeps showing his face in all the news reports I watch lately. He serves as an explanator to the immatiure masses, who listen with big eyes and ears. I see the three top memes of first tier in heavy motion, communicating together like almost never before. I might be exxagerating, but then how could I exaggreat the current situation at all.


over and out,


Everyone isn’t worried enough and that’s traumatic. N number of little worries but not real and like, serious. When there are alarms, not to be an alarmist would be unconscionable, no ?

Peripherally – nuclear waste cannot be disposed, it has to be stored interminably. In the fukushima plant, and  others, the spent fuel rods don’t have the cover of successive perimeter walls like the reactor core. The cover for the spent fuel of course didn’t withstand the explosion. News so far is that the reactor core has not been exposed, or in a meltdown like Chernobyl.  to start with, reactor cores have substances like plutonium with a 24000 yr half life. Which means that ,that geographical area is contaminated and uninhabitable for a hundred thousand years or more, considering maybe other material with greater half lifes. The reactors were buried in concrete expected to last about 20 to 30 years, in which there are already cracks and seepages. A steel enclosure planned ( neither options fool proof) may last a hundred years and I read it will take about 90000 workmen, who may all  get nuked. Who does big brother have in mind, may be uncle sam has some plan. The arbitrary figures on human/ecological  cost that emerge from this fall out doesn’t diminish the  pain.The fukushima plant has ten maybe hundred times the material of Chernobyl, I don’t know.

 looking through the lens of one life span – freshly, a package plan with full visual enclosure assured ( not to forget, this is a device, which effectively questions/obscures what should be plain ).  what lies beyond is not part of the tariff. Like devolving about five hundred thousand years , maimed for a few hundred generations. Not too outlandish eh

Time inexplicably  gets in the way of space when the twain are so simultaneous, one  so much the other. Abstraction is useful when there is the sheerness of drawing a blank. What does abiding in ones true self mean in this context. What would surface phenomena be in this case ? without  the acknowledgment that the picture a separate self sense presents is  inadequate,  before the event.

 I could ask a clownish but maybe relevant question  instead – do we need nuclear energy?  we might run out of some highly regarded past time or other while it takes time to transition to renewable. Or that some countries need it for their growth. Infinite resources for infinite growth, for the time being. Numbers can show the price to pay is hype -




and may all of us on the northwest plate near seattle be eschatologically prepared for the monster 9.2 that's gonna bury all of  us any moment now.


kela, vancouver island, bc

We have seen this twice before at 3 mile and Chernobyl…it was/is only a matter of time. Earthquake prone Japan really rolled the dice. I often ride my mtn bike past a nondescript large stone marker (look how someone chipped out the NO) in the forest preserves.  Buried close by is the first nuclear reactor built at the University of Chicago during WWII.  I’ve stopped there often contemplating this Kali-gic energy.


"What does abiding in ones true self mean in this context. What would surface phenomena be in this case ? without  the acknowledgment that the picture a separate self sense presents is  inadequate,  before the event."


Use less energy and support renewable where and whenever you can. Hope it catches on.


Once again in this nuclear disaster, the dreadful human factor is the hands of greedy and malevolent assholes who built a plant not respecting the security norms.

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