Kela, your little ode to the silverfish is gone. Has it been lost in (cyber)space?

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I enjoy that stuff Balder.

You know that Kela and I are old lightmind forum friends.


Balder, allow me to tell you that you are a true "gentilhomme" in 1600th century french sense of the term, well-educated, spiritual and friendly. Unusual in our days. It is what Ken wilber meant when he declared he was hoping for a renaissance of the age of enlightenemnt salons in Paris. It is great that many people on our forum know french.


You know since the "freedom fries" days conflict, I was sort of discret on my "surrending cheese eating monkey" profile when I was engaged in conversations with the yanks. So I hope I gained some integral grade on how to deal with ethnocentric reactivity.



Merci à tous, chers amis du forum.


hahaha, merci, Xibalba!  I am glad you stuck around this forum and allowed us a chance to get to know you.


Do you have any idea what the lady is singing, as she serenades the silverfish?

In post-colonial context, the sumerian king Gilgamesh quest for immortallty underlying the script of the film takes quite another shape in spanish hands. It is more the legend of Eldorado in the rain forests of the Yucatan which was more the goal of the greedy queen Isabel of Castilla and her bandits.

Who is that spanish "conquistador" Tomas in historical shape?

Cortez, de Guzman?


The accounts of the evil deeds of the spaniards in the writings of padre Bartolomeo de las Casas are a "journey through the end of the night" like reading,


have you read the Popol Vuh, balder?

it is a great myth, I like the account of the creation of the world.


This silver fish song is an old egyptian song of love sang by Um Khalsum in the fifties and readapted by this isreali-palestinian singer Camillia Joubran with oud, a great job actually.



Balder said:

Ah, mais bien sûr (pas)


Dude, that is a house centipede, Scutigeridae, not our little silverfish! House centipedes creep me out, one of the few bugs that do.

Balder said:

:-)  Yes, lépismes are silverfish.   Bonus silverfish song:


Oh, well, dang.  That's what came up when I searched for lépismes on Youtube.

Hi Mary,

Yes I thought this site could use a little less clutter from some of my inanities. Love that theme. It's credited to "Johnny Willimans."

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