Had fun setting another one of my old poems to music (and sound/image) this evening.


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Are you telling me you made the music for this one? If so, that's fantastic!


What instrument is that? The ol' shakuhachi, no?

Hi, Dawid, thanks!  Yes, that's me playing the flute.  It's actually an American Indian cedar flute, but it is somewhat reminiscent of the woody, breathy tone of the shakuhachi, isn't it?

Very beautiful and with good feeling.  When I participated a little on Integral Naked, I heard Jim Cook, a participant on integral naked and heartmind, playing the native american flute.  He is also very expert at it- maybe it runs in the spiritual camps.  So I started playing the flute and then making them.  Check it out at flutealchemy.com.  I don't usually sell flutes, but often gift them.  Mostly stopped making them now for a while, and think I will be adding my ramblings on science, spirit, and consciousness on that site in the near future.  Keep making those videos, they are great.  Thanks Phil.

Hi, Phil, thank you for your comments.  I have heard Jim Cook's flute playing before (I believe back on Integral Naked) and I was impressed by it -- really lovely, meditative music.  That's wonderful that you were inspired by it to take up playing the flute, and to begin making flutes yourself.  I just checked out your site and you're doing gorgeous work.  I made a few bamboo flutes when I lived in Indonesia, but nothing as artful looking as the ones you're making.

All the best,


"Yes, that's me playing the flute."


Just like the poem - wonderful!


What's the background ambiance? Did you find the sound, or record it yourself? Or... is it part of the actual flute recording?

Just like the poem - wonderful!


Thank you.  :-)


What's the background ambiance? Did you find the sound, or record it yourself?


The background rain and thunder sound is from a nature recording that I found online.  I played it over my computer speakers at the same time I played my flute and captured both on a little digital recorder.

You did a really good job with this, Bruce.  I love the poem!

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