David Lynch lecture in Berlin turns into chaos

Originally posted on YouTube in 2007, taken down after claimed copyright infringment from the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness Based Education and World Peace.

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David Lynch replied here:

"We want an invincible Germany! Invincible Germany" exclaims the "Raja of Germany", dressed in a white robe and golden little crown.
"What do you mean?" cries the audience. "Hitler wanted an invincible Germany as well!"

"Yes, but unfortunately he didn't succeed!"


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Comment by Edward theurj Berge on August 18, 2014 at 9:43am

It's not that far removed from kennilingus and evolutionary spirituality.

Comment by Balder on August 18, 2014 at 8:29am

Politics meets the metaphysics of presence (again)? I thought this was a spoof after watching the first half of it, but then reading the commentary on it, I am not so sure... Satirical theater or sincere politico-spiritual evangelism, this raises issues worth engaging.

What paths lie ahead for religion and spirituality in the 21st Century? How might the insights of modernity and post-modernity impact and inform humanity's ancient wisdom traditions? How are we to enact, together, new spiritual visions – independently, or within our respective traditions – that can respond adequately to the challenges of our times?

This group is for anyone interested in exploring these questions and tracing out the horizons of an integral post-metaphysical spirituality.

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