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Intresting Documentary by Velcrow Ripper 2009.

He explores the inter-relations of spirituality and activism, starting with Gandhi and Martin Luther King and their predecessors, going on a global journey of discovery.

Featuring Tich Nath Han, Desmond Tutu, Tree Huggers, Prayers for Communists, That guy who wrote the "Dharma Punkx" book, Arundathi Roy and so on.


A some point in the movie it says:

"Spiritual people need get more active and activists need to get more spiritual"

ahaha I liked that.

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Oh I almost forgot. Velcrow started his journey into the dangerous shadow realm of activist spirituality when his best friend died in a shoot-out in Mexico. You can see the last pictures he took with his camera in the beginning of the documentary.

I find it remarkable that once again the impulse for going deeper than before comes from the death of a loved one, a comrade, a dear friend and partner. I wonder what this means for a world spirituality today.

I feel reminded of a theme on a related thread, where we explored the topic of comradeship and fidelity, exemplified by a controversial art piece by Arno Breker.

This looks great, Christophe.  Thank you for the heads up.  As you know, the theme of the death of a close friend driving one deeper speaks to me directly and personally.

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