Yoohoo! It's me, the german guy. How have you been?

I've been moving my domicile and only recently regained my consumer habits, like posting fun stuff on online forums. 

The latest agitation I can tell you about is the movie "Sex and Zen" which I found in the "Restricted: Adult only" area of Video Shop. It's the first 3D Porn movie ever made, and it was a huge hit in Asia, where it ran against Avatar when it came out.

It's about a young couple in ancient China who happen to have sexual problems: Their sex is usually over before a cherry blossom falling from a tree hits the ground. To blame is his early ejaculation and/or her frigidity and unexperience (Make your choice).

The Solution: The bride & young scholar enters the courtyard of an evil prince, living nearby in a vicious cavern full of lascivious women trained by the prince himself. There the scholar quickly learns to prolong his ejaculation span with the help of chinese acupuncture and the skills of the most experienced lady in town.

Sadly, soon afterwards his marriage breaks apart, leaving the young scholar no choice but  to join the courtyard of the evil prince. There, he is drawn deeper and deeper into the mischievous deeds of the wretched villain (though he's keeping his fallen bride close in his heart). He embarks on a voyage through the realms of sexual perversion, digging more and more of sexualities pervert secrets.

In the end there is a dramatic finale not unlike Mozarts "Don Govanni" where the bad guy gets his righteous penalty. But, "Sex and Zen" has more tits and naked scenes by popular chinese and japanese porn stars than Don Govanni ever had. So ain't this a good thing or what.

Before the bad guy is punished once and for all, there is a scene in the movie that's especially moving: In order to break the will of the young scholar, the evil prince sends an embassy to the scholar's former former Zen teacher, a guy who has been meditating for 30 years to reach the enlightened stage he's at. The (female) ambassadros drug him into delirium, where the good-looking female assistant of the evil prince seduces the old Zen monk to have sex with her. Overwhelmed by the drug and the sensual experience, he is pulled away from his scholarly innocence.

When he wakes up afterwards, he is flooded with guilt feelings and immediatly hangs himself with the nearest rope he can find. This is when his student finds him, swearing eternal revenge to the bad guy and his helpers (and helpers' helpers).


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This is actually a sequel to an earlier Sex and Zen, isn't it?  I saw the first one (not 3-D) and thought it was pretty wild -- raunchy humor and crazy, Hong Kong-style acrobatic sex.  Not a lot to complain about there...

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