Its 2012 and the world hasn’t

morphed into a cocoon

How churlish. maybe

its time to fantasize en masse


Cold turkey to grope 

at the warehouse

  images have clustered to

in there, over a likely time

that goes with

colored signs and arrows



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Ok, so the timing is irresistible

And I am not physical. Also, I am not not physical

Long ago  there was

 no thing as an idea

So the lamest idea ever

could for ever be .


A one trick pony, separation

or the infinite

anthropology of it

has its yang in

the thrill of just that schism


 that insists, the


should be set

in stone savaged routine


Of course you could tell

 all of it to get over itself

and sit Back and be cross

about everything



Tradition calls :)


 And then some day

Who did we discover ?

We found the world

as it should be

me according to you

and you according to me


from a place of mystery

I could interrupt

the unknown, or

move out there

with you

to a mystical vibe

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